Crisis (2)

1304 Words

“You girls can also continue your gossiping. Don’t mind me, I’ll be waiting here for my turn.” Orimura-sensei continued. Even if I couldn’t see her, that teacher was most likely smirking to herself. “Eh?… Sensei. We’re not gossiping…” “Nakamura, do you think I will believe you? When even during our activity your mouth never stopped flapping?” Another girl, who even I found the most talkative among them within the 10 minutes I was here, denied it and was immediately slammed by Orimura-sensei. I could actually list down the topics that the girl raised throughout their time here. Although some were about volleyball, the rest was about boys... Well, it’s about their crushes or someone they’re interested in. I even heard about some of them having boyfriends already and that girl was tryi

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