Crisis (1)

1298 Words

Ten minutes later, the sound of running showers had already filled the room. From time to time their idle chattering would break past the noises of the shower. During that ten minutes, I already messaged Satsuki about my situation but it wasn’t read yet. Most likely, her club already went out for their practice. The other girls were all in their own clubs so… I had no choice but to tide through this crisis on my own. Nonetheless, I sent Kana and Rae a message that I was stuck in a room and I was finding it difficult to leave at the moment, letting them relay it to Ishida-senpai who would most likely nag at me again. Ah. And I ended up in an even greater predicament just two minutes ago when a new set of girls from the Volleyball Club arrived. With their addition, all the other 11 stal

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