My Married Beautiful Teacher is as Interesting as I Expected

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"Uhm. What is this title?" "As I thought. Weird right?" Hearing my thoughts, Ms. Miyazaki looked down. She might be expecting me to tell me that it's not weird. I didn't really expect that the thing she was reading earlier would have this outrageous title. I couldn't help but think that this was her fantasy. Now I'm really curious at what's behind that thin red cloth cover. "Uhm. What's the genre of this?" "Love comedy." As I thought. But even for a title, this one took it up a notch. I remember there's one called My Little Sister can't be this cute. Though that's outright i****t, it didn't really tell anything on the title. But this… how should I say this? It feels like I already read the whole book just by reading this title. "I see. So what's this about?" I kept my voice to normal. I know that if I said anything else, this beautiful teacher might break. Who told her to read this kind of novel and in the classroom! If it's not me who saw this, her career would be over. "Ah. It's about this 1st year student who keeps on getting attacked by his beautiful class advisor. By attack, I mean not physically but sexually." I can see her face turning redder. Damn that plot! I expected it to be like that. "The class advisor lets him do anything to her but it's not because she's sexually aroused. You see, they had a secret together. They are secretly married." Ahh. I see… when she said that, my eyes can't help but turn to her ring. She noticed my gaze. "Ah no! Onoda, I'm not like them! I'm not married to a student!" Ah okay. But do you have to shout and deny it like that? This teacher and her fantasy. "Don't worry teacher. Your secret is safe with me." Let's tease her a bit. This is a side unknown to the other students. For now, only I know this side of her and I want to keep it that way. This is the chance that I'm looking for. "Like I said! It's not like that! I'm married to my fiance." "And your fiancee is a 1st year high school student?" "You know Onoda. If you don't stop I might just put a big F on your report card." Ah her voice is turning cold. She might really do that if I don't stop. "You can't take a joke teacher. Alright, I believe you." "Good. Good. Now that you know my secret. You don't expect I'll just let you off easily right?" Eh? Wait wait? What is this? I already told you I'll keep it a secret. Was that enough? "I have to keep your mouth sealed, haven't I?" I don't know what's gotten into her. So I just took a step back and away from her. This beautiful married teacher is turning crazy right now. I know she's married so maybe? Ah. Right. I just have to play with her now. Let her do what she wants. This way, we'll be like that teacher and student in her novel. We'll have our own secret. And through that, I can slowly steal her from her husband. "Wait, teacher. What do you mean by that?" "Isn't that obvious Onoda?" I pretended to step back. Behind me is her sofa. "I can't risk you leaking my secret. I have to seal your mouth shut." So she has these 3 sides. The commanding side as her teacher persona. The soft-spoken side who secretly loves reading taboo light novels and now this violent side who will do anything to keep her secret from leaking out. "I get it, I get it. No one will know. I promise." "Words aren't enough. You know?" "If you can't believe me then what's on your mind teacher? I'll do it." "Really? You'll do anything?" Ah, now she turned back to her soft-spoken side. I nodded my head. I got really no choice plus this doesn't like a disadvantage for me. I'm just acting out of convenience to easily steal her. "Then.. sit down there, Onoda." This soft-spoken side of her sounds really sexy. I wonder what she will do? She kept on saying about keeping my mouth shut. Could it be? Acting like I have no choice, I sat down as she commanded. "You see, there's this scene in the novel. The beautiful teacher wanted her husband to keep their secret being leaked. So she told him that she'll let him do anything to her at school. That's the start of the novel." Eh? Will she act out what she read in real life? And to me? I can't be this lucky right? Besides, I'm not her husband. And I don't want to be. I only want to steal her like how I steal Kana from her boyfriend. "So you see. She brought him to her room like this at her school. Let him sit on her sofa and…" Ms. Miyazaki moved closer to me and like I expected, she suddenly straddled me. I could feel her soft thighs as it covered and got pressed on my legs. After that, her arms circled around my neck. "Ms. Miyazaki?" Ah. I need to act. But this. This is exciting on its own. I'm amazed I haven't done this before. A married teacher. This is a new sensation for me. I wonder what her husband looked like. If he knew what we're doing right now, would he explode like those in a drama? "Quiet Onoda. I'm doing this to seal your mouth. You don't have to do anything but nod when I tell you." Now she's back at her commanding side. 3 sides of her are too arousing, even that violent side. It has its own charm. She slowly settled her bottom and rested her weight all onto me. Ah. She's heavier than Kana but still, I could take this. Just like with Kana, I'm starting to have a reaction on my lower body when I felt her slowly rubbing herself on me. "You know what she did next? She told him. 'You can't tell anyone our secret. In exchange. I'll do anything you want with me.'" I nodded again. The arms that were embracing my neck started to hold me tight. I could feel myself being pulled towards her chest. It's bigger than Kanzaki's D cup so I know that I might drown in it if I moved my head a little. I could also smell her perfume now, it's more mature than Kana's scent which was like candy. I see. So this is an adult woman's scent. "You can do anything you want Onoda. In exchange, keep your mouth shut." I nodded again. She told me not to speak so I will let my body do it. I embraced her waist and rest my hands and rests my hand on her two elastic buttcheeks. "Aahh. wait. W-why my butt? H-he didn't do it like this in the novel." But teacher. We're not inside a novel. I'll do what I want. And you didn't even resist. Without answering her, I tightened my hold onto it and started fondling and massaging it. In my mind I'm starting to commit its shape to my memory I looked up at her and saw her closed eyes, Ms. Miyazaki was also biting her lips. Kana was like this as well. But I know that right now, I couldn't do more than this. I'll look for that novel and see what that guy will do next. I'll let her immerse in her fantasy. "I-is this enough to keep your mouth shut Onoda?" Her soft-spoken side again. I wanted to kiss her. However, if I speak here, she might get out of her trance and see the reality again. Right now, she's immersing in her fantasy. Thinking me stealing her lips. The lips that were owned by her husband. It's more stimulating than just a boyfriend. A husband is a step higher. It's not easy for them to break up and end it in divorce. There's a lot of factors before they arrive at that. I can steal her body and mind but she'll stay as his wife. After I finished imprinting the feeling my hand on her butt, I let my hands traverse her sexy back. I could feel her trembling from excitement of our current situation.. Unlike me, she's immersed in her fantasy. It's different from me who's getting off at the thought of stealing her from his husband. Soon, my hand reached her nape, I locked my fingers together and pulled her head down. She's not resisting and instead, her closed eye opened. I stared at her eyes, expressing my desire and in turn, she stared at mine. At that moment, we understood each other. Her lips landed on mine. I took it all and felt it with my own lips. Unlike the inexperienced Kana, Ms. Miyazaki is experienced. She has a husband and they're still probably both young adults. Their night life is probably more active than most. Her mouth opened as she accepted my kiss. I plunged my tongue inside her mouth and it didn't take long for me to find her tongue. And likewise, she welcomed mine with hers. Ms. Miyazaki is sucking on my tongue as we continue our deep kiss. I could feel the warm sensation exuding from her lower body it rubs on me. Maybe after this, I'll find that part of my pants wet because of her. I'll enjoy this moment with her. Who would've thought that me being called to the faculty will end at this? It's not this smooth back then. I need at least a week or more of effort to get one. It's never this easy. Ah. There's no use thinking about it. A married woman who in my Class advisor is now grinding herself on me. I focused on sucking her tongue on mine. Our saliva were now exchanged too many times that it now tasted the same. A minute passed and we separated our lips. Ms. Miyazaki was panting for her lost breath and so was I. I could taste her lipstick too. Now that I can focus again, it's chocolate-flavored. "Now, you'll shut your mouth for me Onoda." I didn't speak and just nodded at her. Ms. Miyazaki stood up from me. She saw what happened that lower part of my body and that made her even embarrassed once more "Y-you can go back now. Remember what you promised." " But teacher, I can't go out like this." I pointed at the part that became wet because of her. She looked at it again and gulped. She stares at it intensely. Is she imagining what it looks like? I don't know. She'll taste it soon anyway. "Ah. You're right. Then skip the next class and stay here. Take this key. Lock it when you leave, just give it to me later." Ms. Miyazaki handed me the key she used to open the room. She fixed her suit before picking up her teaching materials. "Only the next class Onoda. I'll give you that F if you stay here longer than that. Don't worry. I'll tell the teacher about you so they won't take it as you skipping class." "Yes, teacher. I understand." "And keep your mouth shut. Come here again tomorrow." Leaving those words, Ms. Miyazaki left the room. Eh? Come again tomorrow? She now sees me as an outlet for her fantasies. I don't want to end it like that. I don't want to be just a tool for her fantasy, I'll make her fall. Steal her all from her husband. For now, I can't do that but soon. I just need to play along for now. Damn, what should I do with this? I don't want to relieve myself. I guess I'll just let it calm down on its own. Let's see. Instead of doing something, now that I'm alone, I can finally look at what's behind that cover. If my guess is right, it contains everything about her fantasy. I stood up and went next to her bookshelf. Pulling the cover out, rows of books and manga showed itself to me. Am I a genius or something? My guess is right. I took one book and looked at the title. This is another light novel with an outrageous title. 'I spent my school days playing with my favourite teacher.' 'I confessed to my teacher and he accepted. Our f*******n Relationship.' I took another book. Oh this one, the role is reversed. Could it be? It might be, right? I have to confirm. If I'm not wrong, her husband was also her teacher when she's still a student. Right? So now she wanted to experience the same thing? This married beautiful teacher of mine is interesting as I expected. Ah, that sounds like another light novel title of the same genre.
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