Surrounded by Secret Important Characters

1895 Words
When the 5th period ended, I left the Administration building and went back to our class. On my way, I saw Ms. Miyazaki waiting for me at the entrance of the School Building. I handed her the key. We didn't say anything to each other and just continued in our own way. I know that even without words we both understood that no one can know what happened between us. It's better this way for me. I don't need to stand out anyway. Be the Classmate A and nothing else. Maemura and Sakuma teased me when they saw me coming back. It looks like they were told that I was ordered by Ms. Miyazaki to sort out her teaching materials. These guys thought that it was my punishment for angering her earlier. Well if they knew what really happened, they wouldn't be able to laugh at me like this. Though this is another case of me standing out as a self-proclaimed Classmate A. It's an inevitable event. If I went back earlier with that part of my pants wet, the effects will be more than this. "Here, Onoda, I took notes for you." Oh? Rindou? That's kind of her. Even for an introvert, I can say that's a huge leap. "Thanks, Rindou. I owe you one." "Ah no. D-don't mind it." Rindou buried her face on her book again. Is she embarrassed? Hmm.. yes she's cute. But yeah, not in my strike zone if she's single. I can be her friend at least. An introvert and Classmate A? That won't stand out at all. "Cheating on your girlfriend with your class neighbour. Look. Spring has come to you Onoda." Sakuma chipped in from behind again. This guy, is he so bored that he keeps on picking on me? "As I said, if you want a girlfriend, go confess to Maemura." "Oy Onoda. Stop joking around. If he confesses I'll just shut that creepy guy out." "W-who would confess to who? I'll die first!" "Then die!" "Then why are you both turning red?" I interjected. Looks like they'll explode if I don't stop them. What's this comedic routine? My guess is turning out to be true again. Are you guys secretly the main protagonist and main heroine? Spare me the best friend role, please. Just go out already. That way I can have my fun too. The 6th period ended with a little episode among the main protagonist and heroine group. That guy who I suspected to be the main protagonist, Ogawa, got into an argument against the suspected main heroine, Andou. Well, it's not really an argument. The 6th period is history but both of them insisted on one fact that contradicts each other. Around that fact, they keep expanding until the History Teacher stops them. Well, even he finally got a headache when the two couldn't settle on a common point. Their supporting characters joined too, that's why it became something out of an anime. If they have swords, they will probably start sword fighting in the middle, deciding the winner by that battle. "Those guys are too lively, aren't they? I heard those two used to be closed before Andou went overseas. She only came back this year." Maemura beside me provided info. Ah. Most of them here came from the same middle school. Well, I went out of my way to enroll in a different high school where there's only a few who came from my middle school. The girls I stole there might chase me again if I went to the same high school. At least I can call them when I feel like it and they'll come running to my house. And I don't know if they can keep their promise to not let their boyfriends get inside their skirts. Not that I care. I already enjoyed them thoroughly before. I need these fresh ones. Kana and Ms. Miyazaki are treats but I want one at the same age, fresh out of middle school. If only these two idiots around me take my advice, I would've settled already. "So why are they fighting now?" "Well, I don't really know the details, only rumours." Oh? This is interesting. "What rumours?" "That Andou likes Ogawa and vice versa." Maemura answered. Eh? What? I'm confused. If they like each other then why are they fighting? Could it be? I look at Maemura, this beauty at my right and Sakuma, this i***t also has the looks eh. "What? Why are you staring at us?" Sakuma interjected. "Nothing, I just thought how alike you two are with them." So these two are really like a secret protagonist and heroine. Why am I with them again? "I get it." Rindou on my left said. What did you get? Are you secretly a genius as well? Damn. Looks like I was thrown inside a pit enclosed by these secret important characters. Haa. Let's not bother with them for now. Or I might get dragged by their idiotic aura. "I also heard that guy beside Ogawa likes Andou." Now it's Sakuma providing info. Ah, the best friend of the protagonist is the childhood friend of the heroine. Of course, he's harbouring feelings towards her. That's a common cliche. Even that girl beside Andou likes Ogawa. They're at the same position and neither of the two will get them. Authors try to pair them to each other instead. Well, if that happened, I can then steal the two for myself. That will be a fascinating experience. I'm getting excited at the thought again. "Okay. Anything more?" "Wow, Onoda. I didn't know you love gossip." Maemura tapped my shoulder. "Nah. Looking at both of you, you both look like you still have a lot to say. So give them now before I lose interest." "What the hell Onoda? Are you secretly the cool character?" Sakuma interjected again. "Do I look like a cool character to you?" I rebutted again pointing at me. I know. I have this ordinary face. I can't be anything but the Classmate A. "Onoda is kind of cool." I heard Rindou on my left again. What's this development? Is she falling for me? But I haven't done anything?? "See. Even Rindou thought so." "Just stop. The teacher is here now." Luckily, the 7th period started or this conversation might evolve to something I can't handle anymore. It's the last class of the day. After this, I will go to the Literature Club to do the tryouts. And yes that's not my main objective. It's to see Kana again. Ah. I seem to forget something. I look to my left and right. Searching for the thing I forgot. My eyes then found Class President's back. Yeah. She told me something earlier. Messenger? The 7th period isn't that heavy like science or math so even the teacher is laid back. He just keeps on writing something on the board. The students are either looking, taking notes or talking to each other. I pulled out my phone to check what Kanzaki was telling me. I tap the Messenger App and an intense vibration starts. Eh??? Ah right. I didn't turn on the notification so only now would I receive all those messages since day 1. As I watched the red circle beside the group name 'Class 1-1' grow in number, other message requests popped out. I tapped on it and saw 4 message requests. The first one is from Sakuma. Well, he's just trying it out. "The hell Onoda? You're only opening Messenger now? My message is already 3 days old." Looks like Sakuma is also on his phone so he found out immediately that I accepted his message request. "At least reply. It's sad being left at seen you know." "I'm too lazy to type." I shut him down. The next one is. Oh, Maemura? "Help me." Eh? I looked to my right and found her staring at me. She heard what Sakuma said so she got curious. She probably thought I was ignoring her message. I typed in my reply and sent it. "About what?" I nod at her. She understood what I'm trying to say. She also takes her phone out and reads my reply. I saw her typing and not long after that, her reply arrived. "I'll tell you later. Not now." I nod again then close it. Well if I had to guess, it's about this i***t behind me. Ah.. she's taking my advice? I welcome it. Truthfully. I can't wait. Because of that i***t, this girl is now trying to make her own move. Unfortunately, they have me as their friend. I won't shy away from this tasty offer. I'll help them become a couple and in the process, I'll take Maemura for myself. I see. This must be why I was thrown between them. My high school life is turning out to be more fun than my middle school. Just the 3rd day and I've already got this much excitement. My secret desire is being filled continuously. Now I turn to the next message request. Rindou? "Hi." Hmm… sounds really like her. In fact, it's amazing that she can even send that to me. "Hi. Sorry for my late reply." "It's fine. I heard." Her reply is short. So she's really not that good with words. She heard Sakuma, that's why she understood. Well, I feel bad. I'll help her take up the courage to make friends and in turn, she can get the confidence to date someone. As long as it's not me then all is well. "I'm here if you need someone to talk to." "Yes. Thank you." I close it again and finally arrive at the last message request. It's no surprise to see that it's from Kanzaki. When I opened it I couldn't help but be surprised. There's no text, just an image. Well well well. It seems like I got rusty. Someone took a photo of me. And Kana. I enlarged the photo. It was taken earlier. At the stairs. When I was kissing Kana. The photo isn't that clear. It only shows my back and the small figure of Kana in front of me. But what we're doing is clear. She's even embracing me tight at the photo and so was I. Judging by the angle, it was taken below the stairs. There's a part there which was a blindside to me. I forgot because of my carelessness. Probably because I'm too excited to take Kana. I forgot the existence of the restrooms below the stairs. Kanzaki probably came out from it and saw us. I closed the enlarged photo, taking care of my neighbours not to see it. It's bad even if they can't recognize that it was me. I raise my head and look at Kanzaki's back. She's diligently taking notes on the things written on the board. I wonder what she wants? Why did she send it? And without a text. Is this my turn to be blackmailed? Class President blackmailing someone? It kinda contradicts her type. She's diligent at everything. She wouldn't resort to that unless she had a reason. And the photo she took isn't that good of material for blackmailing. Being an experienced blackmailer, this kind of low-quality photo is a failure. So what is she trying to say here?
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