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Alright. Let's reply for now. "I got caught?" While still staring at her back, I saw how her body tensed up. Her phone was inside her pocket and it instantly vibrated as soon as I sent my message. Okay, that's cute seeing the serious and diligent Class President like that. Kanzaki immediately looked to her left and right to check if someone saw her and by doing that, she found me looking at her. Upon seeing my gaze and how I was gesturing for her to check her phone, Kanzaki slightly nodded as if saying she knew before covertly putting her hand inside her pocket. Hmm? Perhaps it was only my reply that was set to vibrate I don't know. But considering she reminded me when we ran into each other earlier, she's probably waiting for my reply since lunch break. "Yes." Her reply was short. It feels as if I was talking to Rindou. Ah no, It still feels different. Her character type was someone who would just get straight on point. This could possibly be our first interaction so... it was that stiff. "Okay." "What is that reply? Aren't you alarmed?" "Why would I?" "Ugh. I didn't know you're this dense. I caught you and that senpai kissing. I saw her earlier with her boyfriend. What's that about?" See? Really straight on point. "You saw what you saw. Isn't that easy to interpret?" "Ugh. She's cheating with you on her boyfriend. That's wrong." "How so? I like that senpai. Is it wrong to kiss someone you like?" "Eh? What's that reasoning? You're not her boyfriend. That's what's wrong." "I don't care if she has a boyfriend or not. And I don't want to become her boyfriend. I like her so I kiss her. That simple." Well, the 'or not' is unnecessary since I won't have an interest with her if she's not taken. Let's just keep this act. Looks like this Class President has something more to say. "You're weird Onoda." "I know. I heard that before. In fact, you're the 157th person who told me that about me." I just gave a random number. I lost count since the 10th anyway. "Why are you calm? I can show this photo to everyone." "Can you? Really? I know your character type Kanzaki. You can't do that or rather you will not even if you want to." "What is that character type? Argh. Anyway, you really don't care?" "Yes." "I give up Onoda. You're right. I will not spread that photo. I can't. Even if what you're doing is wrong, I don't have the right to meddle." Yes. That's your character type. You won't stray away from it. "Thanks, I guess?" "Weirdo." "I know." "…" "Act on your character type Kanzaki. Get straight to the point!" "Argh. You're really unbelievable Onoda. Okay. I have a request." "And that is?" "Teach me." Eh? What's this? Teach her what? "I'm not smart." "That's not it. Weirdo. Teach me how to kiss." Ah… This Class President. She's dating someone? There's no other explanation. "Why?" "I want to get better at it. For him." Bingo. "For real? You don't look like the type to be dating someone Kanzaki." "Shut up Weirdo. Will you or will you not?" "Are you even asking? Of course, I will. Leave it to me." Damn. I'm smiling right now. If I'm not careful I might laugh out loud. This Kanzaki, Class President. To think she's dating someone. And of all people, asking me to teach her how to kiss. I'm trembling in excitement. Sure. I'll teach you how to kiss. And more. More than a kiss that you won't even be able to think about kissing your guy again. Because of her character type. That serious and diligent personality always strives to do her best. Now that I think of it, she's probably the girl on that secret couple. I wonder who's the unlucky guy? I'm already feeling sorry for him. I'll teach your girl and train her to want only me. Don't worry. You'll still be her only one but I will be the only one who will satisfy her. Both in mind and body. Ending our Messenger conversation, Kanzaki told me that she'll message me when she decides when we will start. I can only tell her to take her time. I'm kinda occupied eh. When the bell rang indicating the end of classes. Most students stayed since some of them will go to their respective clubs, tryouts or not. Even then there's still a number of them going straight at home. They are those who are like me. If not for Kana, I wouldn't try that Literature Club. Well, since I already told them, I have no choice but to go. I'm the Classmate A. If I join the Go-home club, I will probably fade out. Being in a club can maintain my presence even if just a bit. Well if this Literature Club can prove to be a laid back one, I don't mind signing up plus there's Kana and possibly Ishida-senpai too. I still don't know who's the 4th member, is it a guy or a girl? Hopefully, a girl who's dating someone of course. I said goodbye to my neighbours. Sakuma joined the Soccer Club, I didn't know he's an athlete. Maybe that's why he's like an i***t. His brain is just full of soccer. Well, he clearly likes Maemura even if he doesn't say it. Anyone with a little observational skill can guess that. Maemura joined the Basketball Club. Because of her long legs, she's tall enough to become a Center on a Girl's Basketball Team. If I compare my height with her, uhm she's a few centimetres taller. I can only expect what she wanted help for later at night. Rindou. I don't know which club she joined. She looks like someone who's immersed in reading books. Is she joining the Literature Club too? It will be harder for me to move if she's there. Anyway, since I now consider myself as her friend, I'll help her. "What club did you join in?" asks Sakuma. "I don't know yet? I'm trying out the Literature Club today." "Wow. Onoda. You. Literature? Really? What the hell? What's that about Maemura? "What? I know, I'm just trying out. Honestly, I only want a laid back club, whichever it is as long as I can relax then it's fine." "Heh. What's that? Sounds like someone's just lazy." "It doesn't just sound like. I am lazy." "Ugh. Shoo shoo Onoda. Don't project your laziness aura on us." This Maemura is getting cheeky. Wait until I train you to my liking. I'll have you play Basketball after one round with me. Well, getting you two together comes first. It's not exciting without that. "Then you can join the Book Club with me." Rindou said. So there's also a Book Club. Do they just read books as a club activity? "Okay. If Literature isn't that laidback, I'll try your club too." I don't know, her eyes hidden by her bangs seemed to sparkle when I said that. Is it a happy occasion having me try out your club? "Okay, see you, tomorrow guys. I'll go on ahead." Sakuma said, he had already changed into his soccer uniform. He's prepared eh. "Yes. See you tomorrow." Maemura too, following behind Sakuma. Unlike him, she's going to change at her club room. "See you tomorrow Onoda." Rindou smiled. That's rare. "Yeah see you Rindou." I smiled back at her. After packing my things, I went straight to the Club Building. Since I already went there earlier this morning, I didn't lose my way. I knocked three times at the clubroom door before someone opened it. Oh. This is a new face. The 4th club member? Another girl. Though she's not as cute as my Kana, she has her charms. If Kana is Cute and Shy type, this girl is the Curious type of girl. Just the sparkle on her eyes says it. She's clearly curious towards me. Well, I'm just a Classmate A. I'm more or less ordinary if you take out my secret desire for stealing girls. "Hello. Are you that 1st year who came to try out our club?" "Yes. I'm Onoda Ruki." "Oh. Welcome, Onoda-kun. I'm 2nd year Otsuka Karen." She held out her hands. I also put my hand in front and shake her hands. "Oh? Is that Onoda-kun? Come in, come in." From inside, I heard Ishida-senpai's voice. Otsuka-senpai pulled me in and closed the door. Looking at this room now full of people, it looks lively enough. Unlike this morning where there's only me and Kana. But I prefer that silence. Especially if it's with her. We can do something again. I already knew that the club has 4 members. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Ah. There's another 1st year like me. So they got an official member earlier? I looked at the unfamiliar girl. She's wearing glasses but unlike Kanzaki, she's not a Class President type. She's more of a nerdy type. She's one of those who take in a lot of knowledge from books. Everyday for them is filled with books. Why is she here and not at the Book Club? "Ah. Onoda-kun. You haven't met her yet. She's a new member we got earlier. A fellow 1st year." Ishida-senpai introduced the girl. Seemingly uninterested, she only looked at me for a bit then her focus turned back to the paper at her hands. That's the same paper I was reading earlier. An anthology piece made by the previous club members. I'm right once again. She is the nerdy type who can get grumpy once someone interrupts their intake of knowledge. Kana and Kenji are on the other end of the table. Kenji is busy reading and writing something. Kana, on the other hand, is waving her cute hand at me. I waved back and smiled. That's enough for now. I still remember Ishida-senpai's suspicious gaze earlier. If we did more she might catch onto us. "Ah sorry. She's engrossed in that piece. She's Fujii Mirae, Class 4." I see. She's far away from our classroom. Which explains I haven't seen her before. Her character type attributed a lot as to why though. She's probably a stay-in at their room or library. "Hey, Onoda-kun, why did you decide to try out our club. Could it be that you're interested in our Kana? I saw you guys smiling at each other." Otsuka-senpai interjected from behind. Really a Curious type. She's someone who keeps on asking questions to satisfy her curiosity. "Ah. You're not there earlier Karen. Kana showed him our clubroom. In fact, he doesn't want to try our club. I forced him." Ishida-senpai answered on behalf of me. "Ah, that's why. You got desperate thinking I won't be able to get one to save our club." "Ehehe. Treat him as a spare. Isn't this better? We'll be above the minimum and we can do more activities with 6 people." Right, I've read that on the handbook. There's a rule to have a minimum of 5 members to maintain the club for the school year. But senpai, it's rude to call me a spare okay. Don't you think I might be hurt by your words? "Uhm. So what should I do? What does the club do for club activities?" "Ah, I knew you would ask Onoda-kun. Here." Otsuka-senpai ran in front of me, on her hands is a bowl that's full of folded paper. "What's that?" "Stop asking, just pick one." Hmm? Okay. I think I already have an idea as to what this is. I put my hand inside the bowl and took one paper. "Gimme." Otsuka-senpai snatched it on my hands and read what's on it. "Okay, Onoda-kun. For your tryout, you have to…" "Hmm. Write a short story surrounding the prompt word Color." Ishida-senpai spoiled Otsuka-senpai's fun. "Argh senpai! Why do you have to go and read it on your own? Now it lost the dramatic effect." "Look, Karen. Stop scaring our juniors. Did you forget last year? Because of your excessive curiosity, 3 members quit our club." Hearing that, Otsuka-senpai turned downcast. It looks like that was true and she still feels guilt at what happened. "Short story and colour? Okay, senpai. I'll try it." I answered to cheer up this curious girl a bit. It's not a bad trait to have that much curiosity. In fact, I welcome it. I just wonder if she's dating someone. If she did, she probably already tried having s*x because of her curiosity. Or there's also the possibility of her curiosity on s*x was transferred to other things which can explain this excessive curiosity mass on her. "Really? Good luck then Onoda-kun. You can sit there." Otsuka-senpai already regained a bit of sparkle in her eyes. I followed the direction she's pointing at and saw that it's beside the couple Kenji and Kana. She probably considered that Kana guided me earlier. "You can ask anyone if there's something troubling you but I recommend to ask Kana-senpai. In terms of advising at our work, she's the best. You can see her advising Goto-senpai there. Just be careful. That senpai is pretty possessive of Kana-senpai." Otsuka-senpai continued. Oh? she can be a good adviser as well didn't she? Ah. She's mindful of what Ishida-senpai said. I followed her and took the seat next to Kana. Kenji guy is still busy at what he's doing. I'm not curious nor even interested in what it is so I won't ask. Kana was listening to us so she knew I'm coming. I can see her fidgeting a bit. I wonder what's in your head right now? Oh well. Let's try writing first. I went for the tryout so I should at least act to accomplish it. I don't know if I'm good at creating a piece but being given a word prompt, my mind started churning out a bunch of ideas. Ideas though. If I can't write it on my paper then it's useless. Colour, colour. "I heard your word prompt Ruki-kun, you don't have to write hastily. Sort it out first and pick 3 ideas you think is best." Kana's cute voice sounded on my ears. She's giving me advice. Otsuka-senpai's right, she gives the best advice. I don't know this side of Kana. For 3 days, I only know her erotic side. Those lips, her tongue, her n*****s and her slightly big chest and her most sacred place. I savour them all. Seeing a different side of the girl I stole is a new experience. I wonder. I can't seem to recall having the same experience back in middle school. I only know their erotic side. Could it be I didn't try knowing their other side? The face they wore in front of others? I don't know. I might have a defect on me but I lived like this for long. Only noticing it now, I don't know what to think. "Thank you Kana-senpai." We're not alone here so we can't risk just calling each other intimately. I followed her advice and picked 3 ideas. I wrote it on a throwaway paper. Organize them and work on the 3 one by one. When I settled on what to write, I crumpled the paper and started writing what I organized as the main idea.
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