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Time passed quietly at the club room. Every one of us is either writing or reading something. Kana's voice can be heard from time to time as well. Giving advice to those writing a literature piece. And between the silence, nobody knew that below the table, I'm holding Kana's hand tightly. Yes there's still the excitement I'm feeling from the idea of his boyfriend being there but most of all there's a new sensation I'm feeling just by holding her hand. It felt different. I can't describe it in words but I don't hate it. I'm not falling in love. I know. I can't. I'm someone who can't feel that. At least this feeling is what I can call as comfortable. Being next to this girl I stole and holding her hand without anyone knowing is somewhat comfortable and it excites me as well. I don't want to dwell more on that feeling. It's new, yes, but I can't really call it as overwhelming. I still want to own Kana's body, making her only long for me. I don't need her heart. I let go of her hand when I finished my paper. Kana nodded at me. Well, she can't leave her boyfriend's side. I pick up my paper and give it to Ishida-senpai. "Well then, I'm going now. Thanks for the experience." "Ah wait Onoda-kun. You can't decide yet?" Ishida-senpai, seeing me walk to the door hold off at reading what I wrote. "I'll have to do some thinking first, senpai. Anyway, I can tell honestly that I enjoy the experience." Yeah. Not just the writing. The experience of being with Kana right there is what I truly enjoy the most. "Okay then. See you Onoda-kun." "Yes. See you senpai." I greeted them all goodbye. Even the still busy Kenji and that nerdy Fujii. I only reached the stairs when I heard Ishida-senpai's shouts from the clubroom. "Argh! What is this? What the hell is this? Red panties, Blue panties, Green panties. What the hell did you write, Onoda!!" Ahh. I can't really think of anything and that's the best I can come up to. Luckily, I hurriedly took off. It's dangerous for me to stay there. When I reached the school gate. I took out my phone and sent a mail to Kana. - - When choosing a high school to enter. I purposely avoided the closest one to my house. I really want a fresh start in high school, I don't know. My initial reason was to get away from the girls I successfully stole during my middle school days. Though I cut off most of them before I graduate, all of them are still in contact with me. That's the reason why my phone is in perpetual silent mode. To avoid wasting my time checking each and every message or calls from them. There's a lot who got too attached but since I forbid them to break up with their boyfriends, they continue to act that they love them even if they have completely fallen for me. I guess I really did run away? I'm completely devoted to my secret desire that it's too troublesome for me if they start to fall for me. I keep saying I don't need their heart. Even now. I don't need Kana's heart otherwise I won't feel the same excitement that is true to my desire. My house is 4 stations away from my school and it's in the opposite direction of the closest high school. That gives me the peace of mind of not encountering anyone I know from middle school. Most of my trophies also ride the train and of course, I got some of them to experience train s*x before. I might have a thing for public play as well, the feeling of being caught doing that in public, the possibility of someone we know to see us and most of all the possibility of their boyfriends riding the same train. It's more exciting but also riskier so I haven't tried it that much. Anyway. I sent a letter to Kana to meet me at the station. I invited her to my house. I'm currently living alone since both of my parents are away for their jobs. It didn't take long for me to wait for her. I immediately saw her panting figure from outside the station. Did she run all the way here? "Kana, here." She got energized when she saw me waving at her. But she soon realized we're in public that her face and neck turned red immediately. "Y-you don't have to shout Ruki. Someone might see us." Ah. She's a third year and a cute one. She's more than likely to be recognized by 2nd or 3rd years. I guess I'm getting careless again. "Don't worry. You ride first, I'll be a few seats away so no one will suspect." "Where are we going?" "To my house. Get off at the 4th station okay. I'll be right behind you." Despite still feeling embarrassed Kana nods her cute head. The train soon arrived and like what I instructed, we rode the train separately. We keep talking on mail though. Looks like she's not used to riding trains, she's taking the bus regularly to go home. "Why do you go to a school far from your house?" "I'm running away." "Eh? What do you mean?" "I'll tell you later. Anyway, how did you manage to leave?" I didn't think that Kenji would let her go alone. They always go home together, even on that first day, he waited for her at the school gate. Well, I'm kind of thankful that he left the room first that day. That got me the chance to approach Kana. "Uhm. I told Kenji that my Mom mailed me to go home." "And he accepted that reason?" "Yes. My Mom did mail me the same thing before so it's not that strange." "I see. I thought he would at least walk with you." "He. Kenji. He's still working on that piece. It's concerning his scholarship so I told him to focus on it." This girl. You're making me excited again. Telling lies to your guy just to meet me. I can't wait to hold you in my arms again. "He's really going at it eh. I think I have to thank him." "Eh? Why?" "Well, it's a common courtesy. He's giving his girl to me." She's blushing again. Even apart, I can see her every reaction. Look at that smile. "You don't have to. He'll suspect us." She's really kind of naive. I can't help but pity that guy. "I know. I'm just kidding. Anyway, what happened after I left? I heard Ishida-senpai's shout." "Ah. Right. Ruki, p*****t. What's with that piece you wrote?" "Why? I wrote it minding the word prompt. Have you read it?" "Ehh, yes. We all read it. Karen can't stop laughing, Rumi tried to tear it. Even 1st year Fujii, she ran out of the clubroom after reading it." What the hell? Different reactions eh? I expected Ishida-senpai's, but Otsuka-senpai, is it that funny? I really wonder what's on that curious girl's mind. And Fujii, I guess I need to prepare my face for a slap when I see her around. "That's kind of a mixed reaction. What about you Kana?" "Putting the whole story aside. You've written it well according to my advice. You got a talent Ruki, just that your ideas are a bit perverted or maybe too erotic." Ah. This side of Kana is cute as well. I thought she would just turn red there in embarrassment but instead, she gave it a proper evaluation. Even for a Cute and Shy type of girl, she's one of a kind. After 30 minutes. We arrived at the 4th station, Kana got off first and I followed behind her. Only when we left the station's vicinity did I start walking beside her. I grab her hand and clasp it tight. Kana got startled but when she saw who held her hand, she calmed down immediately. There's no more resistance coming from her. And thinking this neighbourhood is far from hers, she didn't mind being seen with me. Maybe for others, we just look like a normal couple. "So this is where you grew up. It feels different than our neighbourhood." Kana said. She's taking in the scenery as we walk. Unlike the other busy neighbourhoods, ours is a bit quiet. There are no big condominiums or apartment complexes around. Most are private houses. You could say most of the residents here are quite well-off on life. "How is it different?" "It's quiet and it's not as bustling. My house is near a shopping district so there's always a lot of people outside." Ah, I see. I want to go to her house. Specifically, her room. We can have a lot of fun there. I wonder if that Kenji has already visited her house. She's this shy and sounds like her Mom is quite strict. Calling her home from time to time. After passing a few blocks, we arrived in front of my house. One cannot mistake it for someone else's since there's a large nameplate outside that says 'Onoda Residence'. Though not as large as those rich households, my house is considered larger than average. Looking at it from outside, you'll think there's a huge family living in it. Well, the truth is far from it, I'm alone there. "Ah! Ruki!" I'm on the process of opening the gate when I heard someone exclaim from a distance. "New girl? Again?" I look at the direction of the voice. Well, I know her, in fact, since childhood. My neighbour and childhood friend, Shimizu Akane. I also have one, even if I'm not the main character. Her family and mine are friends so when they picked the house they will settle in, they chose those next to each other. "Who's she Ruki?" Asks Kana at my side. She got curious because Akane called me by my first name. "Don't worry about her, let's go in." I decided to ignore Akane and push Kana inside. "Argh! This guy is ignoring me again! Oi Onoda Ruki!" I see her running to us while shouting those. I have no choice but to deal with her now. Honestly, this girl. Each and every time, she always comes in like this and tries to ruin my fun. "Go in first, Kana. The living room is to the left, I'll follow you soon." I smiled and opened the door for her. She has this confused expression but I can't deal with that for now. I look into her eyes, I don't know if she will get it or not. I don't want her to interact with Akane. That girl will surely tell some stupid things to her. "I understand, I'll wait for you." Kana nodded and went inside the house.
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