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"Ah. She's gone in." Said Akane when she arrived at the gate. "You beast, it's only the 3rd day and you got one already? Honestly, when will you stop?" Akane and her sermons. She's always like this. She knew my secret desire. She's the only one who knew apart from the girls I stole. She's currently wearing the uniform for the closest high school. She just came back from school. As her childhood friend, I can't deny her womanly charms, but I never heard about her dating someone that's why she never entered my sights. But when I started taking home girls, she found out about it. That the girls I'm bringing back are those known to be dating someone. At first, she confronted me about it but she soon gives up when her words can't get through me. She knew that I don't love them, I only revel at the excitement it brings me to steal them from their beloved. "I won't. Looks like you changed your opening speech. You won't ask if she's my girlfriend or not?" "I give up on asking that every time. I know she's not. You're someone who doesn't like that." "Ah okay. I'll go in then." "Wait! Ruki, won't you consider me?" Huh? What is this girl saying? "Are you dating someone?" "No." "Then no thanks. I'm not interested." "Argh! i***t. You're the biggest i***t! I don't want to get you just because of your secret desire. I want you to fall for me!" Akane shouted. I know. I knew all along. That's why you keep on trying to ruin it for me. But you never succeeded even once. If only I was normal I would've fallen for her already. Who wouldn't? Back in middle school, she's one of the most popular girls and those who court here can line up from here up to the station. We've been close since childhood but we drifted apart when my secret desire manifested. I only desire those who I can steal from someone. Well, on the surface we're still seen as good childhood friends but I can't be more than that. I wonder what does she sees in me. I'm ordinary at best. The ultimate Classmate A, right? "You know I can't Akane." "I give up, go and have your sweet time then. Goodbye!" Akane pouted and then stormed off to their house next door. I understand her feelings but I can't really reciprocate. If it's just being a close friend then I can. She should just start dating someone. That way I can look at her the way I look at Kana. But it will never be love. I can't help but sigh at that thought. I'm seeing it now. I'm broken, aren't I? Now then, let's entertain Kana and forget everything about Akane for now. I walk inside the house and see Kana sitting like a lost kid on the sofa. She's really cute. I'm getting excited just by looking at her. I put down my bag and went behind her. I spread my arms and hug her from behind, crossing my arms around her neck. I went ahead and nibbled her ear. "Did I keep you waiting?" Kana looks up at me with a reddened face and shakes her head. "Who's that girl Ruki? She seems angry at you." Curious eh? "My neighbour and childhood friend. Don't worry. She's always like that." "I see. Okay then." Is she getting jealous? Hmm, there's no way. I release her from my embrace and walk to the kitchen. "What do you like, Kana? Tea or juice?" Since I'm living alone and I'm constantly bringing someone here, I learned how to make them. "I'm fine with juice." Kana answers. She's looking at me from the sofa. What? Is it fun watching me? I noticed it before, some of those girls also did that. Watching me working in the kitchen. I took my time making the juice. When I brought it to her, she's still staring at me. "You looked cool Ruki." I hear Kana mutter beside me. Really? I just did the usual though. "I'm not, you know I'm bad. I had this desire to steal you from Kenji. To own you." Sipping the juice, I saw her turning red again. I can also see her feeling restless. Is she nervous? I sit next to her and enclose my arm on her waist. "Earlier at the clubroom, I had this urge to just pull you in my arms like this." "Uhh.. you can't there." "I know, I'm satisfied enough to hold your hands in there. It fills me with excitement. Knowing your guy is just next to us." "Muu. Ruki, stop that. I feel bad for Kenji. I love him." "I know. I know you do. As I said, I don't need you to love me too. Just knowing you're mine is enough. Are you mine Kana?" She put down her juice back at the table and stared at me. "Yes. I'm yours." I embrace her closer. My free hand went to her chin and raised it. Her cherry-coloured lips are glistening. I feel her heart throbbing faster on her chest. She's really this nervous eh. "You're too beautiful Kana." I said before planting my lips upon hers. She didn't close her eyes this time and just accepted it. I'll own her today, tonight. She'll be fully mine before the date changes. "Stay here with me for the night, Kana." She didn't say anything and just nods at me. Her arms embrace my neck too, pulling me closer. Her lips are now responding to my kisses. I can't get enough of her taste.
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