Ogawa's Older Sister

1684 Words

The identity of the woman who somehow interrupted us was none other than... Ogawa’s older sister. Given that she directly came from the Ogawa household and how Hina called her ‘Kazuha-nee’, that’s the only possible explanation. Moreover, Kazuo and Kazuha were similar. And this wasn’t the first time hearing about his sister. Hina already talked about her. She knocked on their door to ask for medicine for the coward when he skipped school. Considering Ogawa had the looks of someone girls would chase after, even though I could only vaguely see her face due to the lack of light, just by her silhouette that totally highlighted her superb curves; wide hips, narrow waist, supple legs as well as her well-endowed front that was accentuated due to how she had her arms crossed, she had a smoking h

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