That's bold of you

1477 Words

After a few minutes of Shizu’s venting the bad air that built up inside her, she left my lips alone and gently tapped my shoulder to let her down while sporting a full blush on. Perhaps embarrassed for the others to see her face after that outburst, she buried it on my chest while trying to recover from what happened. Naturally, I held her tight and comforted her until she calmed down. “... I’ll go in.” Shizu silently muttered after she stabilized her breath. She still had her head down but her hold onto me already softened. “Un. I’ll see you tomorrow.” “...Mhm.” After that silent acknowledgment, Shizu hurriedly moved to their gates, entered it and in less than a minute, she already disappeared inside their house. The girl was extremely embarrassed so it’s understandable. Considering

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