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Five minutes later, we reached Shizu’s house. Unlike with Nami, the girl vehemently refused to hold onto my hand or even get close to me. In exchange for clearing things up with Nami, all of her annoyances were transferred to me. Or rather, she’s punishing me for it. Like Nami, she also had a good grasp of my character so by being that adamant, Shizu was taking a jab at me. Nonetheless, I took it silently. It’s a lot better than creating a wedge between their relationship. Before entering the Asakura Household, Hina stepped forward and approached her... to explain her side. Well, not really explaining, Hina couldn’t hold in her silence anymore and just said her piece. In her eyes, Shizu wasn’t their feared Shizu-senpai anymore but another sister when it comes to our complicated relat

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