Start of the Act (2)

1664 Words

This room is almost the same as the one where we're doing those practice sessions. The only difference is that there's a connecting door. It's natural unlike the door from the Book Club. Which means this clubroom is twice the size than any other clubrooms. Nami went on ahead and stood next to Ogawa. Just looking at them like this, it's triggering something inside me. It's that desire to steal her from him. But yeah, I have to control my expression so this guy wouldn't be that wary of me. "Onoda. This should only be the 3rd time we're gonna talk to each other, right?" He started. He's still the same Ogawa but his expression is a bit different. Was it because of Nami? Did the confession trigger a change in him? "You're right. Andou asked me for a favor so here I am." I answered. I r

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