Tell me

1494 Words

As I calmly removed Orimura-sensei’s hand from my face and stood up to go back to my seat, I bowed towards Eguchi-sensei who was slowly closing the door. “I don’t need your bow, Onoda-kun. I need an explanation.” Throwing me a side glance and a small sigh, Eguchi-sensei put on a serious expression. “Sensei, I’m not in a position to tell you about it, I apologize.” Instead of making an excuse, I tried to play it safe and pass it to the frozen teacher across the table. And like I expected, upon hearing my answer, Eguchi-sensei’s eyes shifted to Orimura-sensei’s whose face was already as white as snow. On how someone who’s fully flushed just earlier could turn this pale in an instant, I had no idea. “T-that Ryouko, it’s nothing. I’m teaching a lesson to this cheeky student of yours.” W

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