It's Just Your Imagination

1857 Words

"Mori. It's nice seeing you today." Using my hand that was just holding Nami's hand a few seconds ago, I waved at her and ushered her to sit beside me. "Ugh… We're not that close, Onoda." Though she's still kind of avoiding me, she didn't reject it as she took the seat next to me, leaving Ogawa standing alone. "I know but we're classmates. It's rare seeing one during weekends." Err... But it's not that rare for me. I kept seeing them during weekends, especially Satsuki. "So, are you happy about seeing me?" Mori whispered. Maybe afraid that Ogawa would hear it. This is new. For her to ask that, my postponing of stealing her is working quite well. Now that I look at her again, it seemed like some weight she was carrying has been lifted. She's more blooming than before when she kept o

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