Slapping him with the truth (1)

1296 Words

“What are you waiting for? Aren’t you going to say yes?” With my lack of reaction to what he just asked from me, the delusional guy’s nice guy mask immediately fell off as hints of irritation appeared on his annoying face. “No. Of course, I will never say that. I seem to remember it's your fist you used to hit the table not your head. Why does it look like you got hit in the head and had a few screws loosened? Is your brain inside that fist of yours?” I pointed at his swollen fist that was still shaking. He’s clenching it tight to calm it down. However, he’s unsuccessful. Upon hearing my words, Ogawa’s whole body seemingly shook from the rage he felt as he instantly fumed from where he was. And along with a stomp of his foot, he shouted. “Onoda!” Ah. It’s too easy to get this guy to

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