He's a lost cause

1503 Words

Because the two clients’ backs were faced towards the door, they didn’t see what happened behind them and just continued with what they’re here for. Besides, Izumi-senpai was also focused on them like a proper Club President and Arisa-senpai who averted her gaze from me also had her attention to their requests. And those who were paying attention to Nami’s action were the three guys at the other end of their table as well as Hina and Saki. The two girls had a momentary bitter smile on their lips before making a straight face. Saki even acted her part as the Ruki x Nami shipper as she appeared to be fangirling over us. Not gonna lie, it was too convincing that I wanted to praise her. Hina was already used to how close Nami and I were but with her complication resolved and with what happ

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