I missed you, Ruu

1265 Words

When I knocked on the door of the Student Support Club’s clubroom, Saki opened the door for me once more with an excited glint in her eyes as if she’s expecting that I would still treat her the same as before. “Another chance to take?” I asked in which the girl admitted by stepping forward to meet my lips that were already aiming for hers. “Even after that… I’m still just as bad…” And then another bout of guilt filled her eyes. I reached for her cheek and caressed it. “Saki, I’m the same. In any case, will you let me tell you everything about me and in turn, you tell me about yourself? It wouldn’t mean anything. I just want us to know each other better.” Earlier she was kind of avoiding the topic about us and just wanted us to be just the same. The same like this wherein whenever a c

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