Shio's Battle (2)

1789 Words

As soon as we came back from our short walk outside with our destination being the nearby small park where we played during our childhood, the first thing we noticed was Shio’s car in front of our house. The engine was still on and the silhouette of a person could be seen inside. As soon as I approached it to check on her, Shio burst out of the driver’s seat and immediately put me in her embrace, startling even Akane who had her arms linked with mine. “Calm down. Have you been waiting here? I sent a message, right? I said we’ll be out on a short walk.” “You did. That’s why I waited here. Waiting for you.” Shio answered and as if ignoring Akane’s presence, she even tightened her embrace as she buried my face on her voluptuous chest. Although Shio’s could be bold at times especially that

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