Shio's Battle

2031 Words

After watching the two adult women empty the bottle of wine, Miwa-nee brought Minoru upstairs while Shio and I entered my previous room. In there, we naturally ended up in an erotic mood. If not for the possibility of waking up Minoru, we would've done it right there at the dining table. Halfway through our i*********e, Miwa-nee joined in, taking the right side of my bed. With the two adult women lying down below me, I eagerly worked harder to satisfy the two of them, making sure that neither of them would be neglected. One bottle of wine wasn't enough to make them drunk. However, it was enough to make their bodies heat up, resulting in a more intense battle in my bed. With each of the two taking their turn riding me, the other would then settle on either sitting on my face or kissing m

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