Take him home, senpai

1308 Words

Because of Izumi-senpai suddenly crossing her arms, her slightly wet uniform that was sticking to her skin made it easy for me to make out the shape of her fluffy hills squeezed together. The outline of her brassiere also came into view and that made her a tad bit too sexy at the moment. I knew I was acting like a p*****t again when this was the first thing I’d noticed but who would blame me? It’s exactly what appeared before my eyes. My mind instantly thought of that as soon as that part of hers got registered in my eyes. “T… This p*****t. Stop staring at me like that and answer my question.” Noticing my eyes that were stuck on her chest, Izumi-senpai hurriedly pulled up his arms to cover it and twisted her body to get it out of my line of sight. “Ah. I’m sorry, senpai, it’s a man’s r

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