The Situation

1474 Words

Picking the room we used before for preparing for the act, Hina was somewhat red because she probably thought that this would be because of what happened to us in the infirmary and Nami was just calmly waiting for the explanation that she probably already guessed. At the moment, the talk I had with Ogawa was already out of their minds. I told them what happened and they’re quite confident that if there’s someone who should pull him back to normalcy, it would be Izumi-senpai. What’s important for them now was about us. ”Alright. First… Hina, can you come here?” Alternating my gaze between the two, I opened my arms and called for Hina who also alternated her gaze between Nami and me. When she saw how Nami nodded towards her, indicating that it’s fine, Hina slowly took a step forward with

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