Properly (1)

1251 Words

Posed with that question that was just asking for my confirmation, I could only nod my head at Nami. She already deduced it to that extent. Besides, I really had no intention to deny it. “Un… We did it. It happened. When I left the infirmary earlier, Saki chased after me…” Upon hearing me start to talk about what happened, Hina who was somewhat shocked from what Nami asked got another bout of a surprised expression on her face and Nami calmly listened to me. I made sure to tell them everything about what leads to that event where I ended up doing it with Saki. My desire to release what I was feeling when we were interrupted in the infirmary and Saki being at the right place at the right time along with the right amount of persuasive power which made me lose to my desire. Earlier at the

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