Properly (2)

1272 Words

Whether what Nami said was true or not, I still wanted to have that talk to Saki… and make her mine. Not just someone who I would present chances to take. That’s not the kind of relationship I wanted for us. ”Nami, do you think she’s also below any of you?” Since it was her observation of her, she’s surely not thinking the same as her. But I still had to ask, to know what Nami thinks of Saki. “Of course not, she’s a part of our circle and there’s no such thing as hierarchy between us. At least, that’s what I like to believe. Besides, seeing how you wanted to talk to her, I don’t need to ask anymore whether you came to like her or not. Even if you say you’re just initially interested in her, isn’t that how it always starts with you? Your interest in a girl will eventually grow into your

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