Ria and Aoi

1322 Words

On my way back to the Administration Building, I opened my phone to check on the other girls who were probably about to go home. It was already a daily occurrence ever since I took them back in. There was Aoi’s message where she sent a photo of our previous middle school. She’s there to pick Ria up and to go home together. It’s been a while since I saw the two in person, especially Ria. That’s why when Aoi told me that they’re already together, I called them to catch a glimpse of the two. “Dumb-senpai, I miss you.” Ria, who had a longing look on her face, greeted me as soon as she saw my face from Aoi’s phone screen. This time, she’s sporting a ponytail for her long hair that made her even cuter than before. She’s also wearing a pair of glasses which added up to her image as the observ

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