Ramen Talk

1361 Words

“Sanae, you kept on talking bad about Onoda-kun. Did he do something to you?” With that question from Eguchi-sensei, it’s equal to confirming to me that Orimura-sensei never told her about what happened between us in the Shower Room. Well, it’s understandable. Orimura-sensei would surely be embarrassed to have another person become aware that she was stuck with a student inside a Shower Stall. Even if it was Eguchi-sensei to whom she told what happened, the military-like teacher would surely ask Orimura-sensei some questions about the hows and whys. And that’s something she probably didn’t want to answer so she kept what happened to herself. “Huh? I’m just telling the truth! W-what can he possibly do to me?” This teacher… Is she this bad at lying? The way she stuttered and how she ave

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