The Reason (2)

2609 Words

"Ah. I'm showing an unsightly appearance. Where's the tissue?" Miwa-nee, noticing her tears, tried to wipe it away with her fingers. Then she looked at me again, still with flowing tears. "You can guess it now, right? Maybe I loved you before, Ruki. And I put that away when I made that decision. I never thought I'll be looking back at it again. But here we are." "That night, even when you're asleep, I kept on talking to you. I did it with an almost silent voice. I don't want anybody to hear it but you. Even if you're sleeping." Soon, Miwa-nee finally controlled her tears making her voice clearer. Neither Akane nor I talked and just waited for her "I whispered how I came to start looking at you differently, how I tried to always take your attention, separating you from Akane." "I whi

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