Night of Love (1)

1712 Words

Because of my sudden confession, Akane was dumbfounded. She really couldn't believe my words. She just wanted to be spoiled by me but to suddenly hear the words she always wanted to hear from me, it took her a few minutes to recover. Her tears flowed uncontrollably during that time and I kept on wiping it away from her beautiful face. "Tell me I'm not hearing things." "You're not. With the reason for my desire being cleared, that emotion that I had forgotten, I'm starting to remember it. Especially how in love I was with you. No, it shouldn't be in the past tense. I love you, Akane. Sorry for forgetting it." She was once again speechless. But slowly a smile bloomed on her lips. "i***t husband. I can't describe how happy I am. In fact, I really don't know what to say. I'm even rehearsi

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