Night of Love (2) *

2020 Words

How long has it been? I've already shot 3 times inside this silly girl but we still showed no signs of exhaustion. From missionary, taking her from behind and with her on top of me. We poured our love for each other. Her moans were so loud that I don't know if it would be heard from Miwa-nee's room. If it did, we'll get an earful tomorrow but I don't care. We're still not done yet. "Husband. More." Akane who already rested for a bit after her performance on top of me whispered again. She already climaxed more than me but she still wanted more. "Make it hard for me again, wife." "Un." She nodded and stood up, a bit of semen and her love nectar dripped down from her p***y. It's already filled since earlier but she still wants more. Akane then went down to my c**k for the 3rd time. She

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