Uncontrollable (1)

1287 Words

The following periods passed uneventfully. Not really uneventful but I didn’t think it was worth mentioning that Ogawa made a blunder resulting in the class laughing at him. Although he didn’t fume at his seat, the guy maintained his silence throughout the remaining class until it was time for the Mentor Program. With my girls going first to their Mentors, I then moved my feet towards the abandoned clubroom. Expecting I would meet Izumi-senpai there, I prepared on how I would ask her about the result of the attempt I’d given her to make Ogawa look at her last Friday. Unfortunately or fortunately?... Instead of Izumi-senpai, the one who arrived at the abandoned clubroom after me was none other than Arisa-senpai. The swap still happened and this time... they already decided to swap eve

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