Uncontrollable (2)

1236 Words

Thinking about my choices at this moment, I began weighing it to pick the best path wherein the two of us would be able to understand each other. Arisa-senpai hugging me this time was already eating away at my restraint. However, for the sake of everyone and Arisa-senpai herself, I decided to just grit my teeth for a while to stop myself from turning around and let loose with my attraction towards her. It’s unbearable. It’s like when you’re already starving for a few days and suddenly there’s an aromatic steak presented behind you that you instantly salivate upon smelling its fragrance followed by an excited growl of your stomach. If you turn around, you can stuff yourself with your long-sought food. However, if you do so, you’ll be falling from a tall cliff with the possibility of not e

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