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As soon as I laid Otoha down on the bed, I carefully took the space next to her while our lips remained connected. Following that, I had myself be pulled by her who instantly squeezed in my embrace to snuggle with me. Although I had just met her parents that were not just normal adults I had encountered, all of those were put at the back of my mind. My Otoha is tired and in need of rest. That’s more important than anything that happened back there. Hence, I did what I had to do; make her comfortable in my embrace. “Mhm... I missed your scent and your warmth, Ruki. How I wish we could stay like this forever.” Otoha’s muffled voice reached my ears. Her face was already buried on the side of my neck, inhaling and exhaling my scent as if she’s afraid I would be gone any moment. Replying t

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