Sneaking in to meet her (2)

1573 Words

“A nurse? What will you need a nurse for?” Her ex-fiance who still looked like a selfish prick that kept on babbling on and on earlier asked her with a raised eyebrow. Naturally, he didn’t put me in his eyes, thinking I was just a simple nurse, called and brought here by Otoha’s command. “Hmm? I don’t see why it is your business.” Otoha coldly answered as she stood up from her seat and stood before her parents. At this point, the couple was already aware of what’s happening. With a simple glance, I immediately noticed how her mother was frowning while her father was emotionless as they both waited for what she wanted to say. However, the i***t who’s wearing a white suit and red necktie was still not done. “I’m your fiancé. Why won’t it be my business?” Instead of facing him, Otoha on

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