Sneaking in to meet her (1)

1250 Words

“Please wait here, Onoda-sama.” Mihara-san pointed at a waiting lounge in front of a nurse station that was both currently empty when we reached the fourth floor of the hospital. “I understand. I’ll keep myself hidden in the meantime.” “Mhm. I’ll get Ojou-sama.” After saying that, Mihara-san continued her steps towards the inner area of this floor while I found myself a spot that would be obscured from the eyes of the men in black suits that were patrolling the floor. This was the floor where the ICU was located so the security was higher. Past this waiting lounge were doctors and nurses running around, hurried in their steps. Furthermore, scattered in that area were still the men in black suits. Having someone as a Noble House’s Family Head in this hospital surely raised their effec

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