Urgent Matter

1167 Words

After our time inside the old music room, Miho accompanied me in sneaking out of their school. Ah. No... We didn’t really sneak out. The two of us walked confidently out of the school gate while holding each other’s hand. It became the time for Miho to show that she’s already taken. I was wearing their uniform and had a little disguise with Miho’s slight preference. She also wrapped me up with a scarf she prepared just for today, hiding almost half of my face. Amidst the stares and whispers of the students we would pass by, Miho was just happily hugging my arm until we reached the point where we had to separate. It’s a deserted alley so that no one would suspect my identity. Although some might find it weird that she’s going back alone, none of them would be meddlesome enough to ask her

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