Visiting the Basketball Club (2)

1328 Words

“Alright. You girls, stop eyeing the couple and go back to your seats. Onoda-kun, you’re allowed to observe our club today. Go and sit next to Satsuki-chan.”   Perhaps she thought that we’re already wasting time standing here and continuing to show our public display of affection, Eguchi-sensei hit the table with her binder, gaining everyone’s attention back to her.   Well, there’s also the possibility that it was to stop the others from continuing to ogle us and she most likely saw how Satsuki was somewhat uncomfortable.   “Is it fine for me to be here?” I asked. I thought of only seeing Satsuki to tell her the result of that advising session with Sakuma but she pulled me inside and now we already exposed our relationship to them.   “Onoda-kun. Coach’s words are absolute here. If

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