Visiting the Basketball Club (1)

1489 Words

The Basketball Club’s clubroom. It included the Meeting Room and the Locker Room, both of which were places I had already visited. With Satsuki. And at both times, it was with our burning passion for each other. Because of that, the two rooms were not spared by being marked with the traces of our lovemaking and were now a place that contained that kind of memory between us. However, compared to my earlier visits, this time, I wasn’t invited by Satsuki alone. As it turned out, the reason why she wanted me to go to their clubroom was that her relationship with me was found out by her fellow club members and… their coach, Eguchi-sensei. Their next practice match would be this coming Saturday. As a breather after days of intensive training, Eguchi-sensei decided to use the first half of th

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