Advise (2)

1242 Words

"I'm asking seriously here, Onoda!" Upon hearing that last phrase, Sakuma seemed agitated as he suddenly raised his voice to rebut it. Judging from how he also deflated after shouting it, he probably had just realized that there's some truth within it. "And I'm being serious here. Sakuma. Remember how you and Satsuki were before? You were always against each other but you wouldn't be able to deny that you're getting along." "… If what you're saying is true then. I don't have a chance?" "Not really. Although she's treating you like that, there's no doubt that she's fond of you. And I heard that… you two…" I stepped forward and whispered what I heard from Satsuki about their past. The one where Satsuki's sister disguised as her and made out with the young Sakuma. As if his safely guar

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