Advise (1)

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A few minutes after Arisa-senpai left the room, I went back to the next room where Hina currently was. Upon seeing me, her eyes regained some brilliance. She already finished eating and the lunchbox I gave her was neatly placed on her lap. Along with a gratified smile, Hina called out to me, while tapping the chair next to her where Arisa-senpai was sitting earlier. Afterward, she handed me the lunchbox that still had half of its contents. Saying she saved it for me because she knew I would go back to see her, Hina scratched her cheek before turning her head sideways to not let me see her embarrassed face. She already recovered from what she was feeling earlier and although her eyes were still a bit swollen because of her tears, the girl was doing her best to show that she's already f

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