Blame it on me (2)

1351 Words

"Onoda-kun, can we stop?" Because of my silence when I also began deliberating whether to approach her again and continue, Arisa-senpai's trembling voice entered my ears. She also slightly raised her head to peek at my reaction. Instead of answering her, I stood up and approached her but as I expected, at every step I made, Arisa-senpai would also take a step back. "No. Don't come near me. You're aware of it, Onoda-kun. If we… get close to each other again… we will…" Arisa-senpai bit her lips after saying that in a pleading tone. Even if she failed to complete her sentence it's easy to guess what she meant since that was also what's on my mind. "I know, I won't be able to stop if I end up holding onto you again. But senpai, can you at least listen to me? I'll stay standing here." "R

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