Room Date Plan with Satsuki

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The sun is already up high but inside our room, Akane's moans fill every corner of it along with the sounds produced by our ongoing i*********e. The wet sounds it made every time my c**k hit her deepest parts made the atmosphere even more erotic. "Uuuuhh... I didn't think… Huaa.. we'll have s*x this early." "This is me spoiling my wife. And you got me really hard since earlier." We're doing it in a side position. My arm clutched her left leg at the back of her knees, lifting it up. It gave my c**k access to her p***y from behind her. With every thrust of my hips, my c**k went in deeper inside her. Having s*x in this position gave us an incredible amount of pleasure that her p***y and insides kept constricting every time my c**k reached her deepest part. On her hand, she's still typing out her reply on that chat group. "Auuuhh. If they knew. Uuhh... They'll probably be angry at me." "Don't worry about them. Put that down for now." I took the phone from her hand and put it down somewhere. Her face turned back to me, her eyes that were full of her love is now mixed with l**t. Even if it still hurts, she's feeling good at what we're doing. Her hand reached out to my face, bending her body a bit, she reached in for a kiss. This silly girl. I won't let her go. Looking at her encouraged me to do more. I want to hear more of her moans, see more of her face that she will show only to me, feel more of her love that she promised to teach me. The pace picked up as I indulge myself at f*****g this silly girl. While changing to different positions throughout, I felt every part of her. From her forehead down to her toes. I now remember her taste completely. Cumming inside Akane once again. She fell exhausted that I had to carry her like a princess to the bath like last night, this time we'll take a proper bath or so I thought. Once in there, we did more things that half of our morning on the first day of living together consisted only of us having s*x. I can't get enough of this silly girl and so is she. She's too happy to be with me. She even smugly declared that she's now in a better position than those girls I stole. Well, I let her have her fun. When her mother knocked on our door and saw our state, specifically Akane's state, she fell speechless for a moment. "You two. How much did you do it?" "M-mom. Don't ask." "Five times." "Husband!" "Oh. Husband? You boy, it's just last night that we gave our daughter to you and you already f****d her 5 times. Will your days be filled with only that?" "Auntie. Your daughter is too sexy that I can't help it." "Y-you pervert." Akane cutely protested by pinching my arm. Seeing her daughter act like a newlywed woman, Akemi sighs. "You're both grown-ups now. Just be responsible. Don't get her pregnant yet. You both need to become a responsible adult first and you have to cure that desire of yours. I'm not like your Mom who wants you to be responsible to those other girls, my daughter should be your top priority but I know. I won't meddle as long as I see my daughter happy being by your side." "Thank you, Auntie." "Mom. As long as I'm with him, I'm happy." "Yes, yes. You lovestruck daughter. Now I wonder what you fed this daughter of mine when you're young. I wouldn't be this grumpy if you continue loving each other but that desire of yours suddenly showed up. Tsk." "What do you mean Auntie?" "Yes, Mom. Do we love each other before?" "You're kids back then so you don't know but we adults, we could see it as clear as day. Anyway, here's her things. I won't help you so be responsible." Dropping the basket on her hands containing Akane's possessions, she turns around making her way back to their house next door. "Your Mom truly cares for you." "Yes, she taught me a lot, especially on how to protect myself." "She must be lonely now. I snatched you away from them." "i***t husband. She's just next door, I can visit anytime." "Ah right. Let's go eat first. Let's arrange these later." "Yes!" Akane, like a housewife, cleaned the house while I prepare our breakfast. There will be visitors later, I still don't know what to do to those two. Will I accept them again? Honestly, I still have no idea. "Ah. Your pancakes yesterday was delicious, husband." "Glad you liked it. I only knew your taste from before my secret desire manifested." "It didn't change anyway, I'm happy you remembered." "I am your childhood friend, at least on the surface. I should remember the things you like." "Now, you're more than that. I'm yours now." "Yes, you're mine Akane." We finished our breakfast and started the work on our exclusive room. I put most of my parents' items on one of the empty rooms. Well, the house is this big and there's originally three of us. It's bound to have empty rooms we can use as storage. Akane fell asleep midway through our work, she was tired from last night and today. I let her sleep peacefully on our bed. This silly girl can now stop pushing herself. She must've felt the sense of urgency after that incident with Yae. After I finished arranging our room, putting in our own closets and other essentials, I went down to do my daily exercise. I missed it yesterday because I went to school early for Satsuki, I just have to do double the amount today or at least until I feel myself in my optimal condition. After exercising, I went back upstairs after a quick shower to get my phone. Finally, I have the time to check it. When I open the screen, Kana's mail and an unknown number appeared in it. I checked the unknown number first and found out that it was from Otsuka-senpai. She probably asked for my number from Kana. As I thought, she will soon approach me to satisfy her curiosity. "Onoda-kun. This is Otsuka." That's her only message. I fell in thought on how to respond to her "Otsuka-senpai?" I didn't receive an immediate response so I close it and check on Kana's mail. "Ruki, Karen won't tell anyone about our secret. And she asked me for your number. She might contact you soon." She already did. But I wonder what that curious girl will ask. Well, I'll try and accommodate her, she's now an accomplice after all. "My Kana is amazing. Thank you. She did contact me. I only got to my phone now. How should I reward you?" She replied immediately. "Good morning Ruki. You don't need to reward me. I already got it yesterday. It is still fresh on my mind. I feel like you're still inside me." "You're becoming too erotic, Kana." Yes. It's not even a week and she keeps thinking about it already. "Is it bad?" "No. As long as you only show it to me." "Of course, I'm yours, Ruki." "Good. I'll see you on Monday, Kana." "Yes. See you." After that, I open the Messenger app. Immediately, another intense rush of vibration ensued. Yeah. I should really turn off the vibration after this. Apart from having new message requests, Satsuki messaged me. Let's see. I'll check on Satsuki first. This maiden in love. "Onoda. Are you up?" She sent it just earlier. What happened? "I was busy. What is it, Your Highness?" Only a minute of waiting when I saw her status turned green. "You're finally here. Did you just wake up? Err. No. I was busy f*****g Akane. Ah. "No. Just that I only got to check my phone now." "You're like that. You only check when you feel like it." Ah, she's right. Well, I was about to check last night. There's no use making excuses. "Yes yes, I'm sorry Your Highness, how may I help you?" "Tsk. You still owe me a punch. Now I'll add one more. Huh? Why? I didn't do anything to warrant an additional punch from her. "I don't recall offending you further." "You! Because of you, I dreamt of that." Huh? What was her dream about? Could it be? "How can I understand if you made it that vague? What did you dream about?" "Argh. i***t. You told me to blame everything on you. So here. I'm blaming it on you." Ah, right. So it's about us? Her dream. "Tell me about it first. That way I can accept that additional punch." "You're really unbelievable Onoda. After you take advantage of me. How can I face Sakuma now?" "Call me Ruki, Satsuki. We're alone, right? And aren't you still the same? You never change your way of treating him, you know." "The same? I felt like I'm becoming more conscious of him because of you. Your fault Ruki. There. I called you Ruki. Happy?" Yes. Just like that. Throw all the blame to me. That way you will stay as mine. Ah. Damn. I miss teasing her. I'll surely do it next week, maybe bring her here. Ah. I'm hopeless. "Isn't that good? Sakuma will soon feel how much you love him. That's cute Satsuki. So tell me about that dream now." "I can't confess to him now. But if he does then I'll accept. And that dream. I won't tell you. I'm just blaming you for it. Idiot." This girl. Should I train her to be more obedient? Ah but that will be no fun for my desire. Maybe a bit but not enough to excite me as much as that time in the infirmary. "Do you want me to help him? Ah. Should I try to guess about your dream?" "Why? You're a bad friend Ruki but yes, if you can help him. I really love that i***t but he keeps on hesitating. Go and guess if you can. There's no prize for the right answer." Isn't that all because of you? This girl. If she can just tone down her mouth then they would've already become a couple, long before I entered their life. Well, I'll do it, the first thing I thought of when I found out they like each other. Filling Satsuki with semen before she meets Sakuma for his confession. Ah. I'm bad. But it's truly exciting to think about. I'll be watching from a distance and see how my semen drips down from those lust-inducing thighs of hers. "Okay. I'll think of something. And your dream, it's about us, right? Have you dreamt of me Satsuki?" "i***t Ruki. Yes. It's about us. And Sakuma. He woke up when we're doing that back in the infirmary." Ah. That was an amazing dream Satsuki. I'll have her tell me all the details. It's getting me excited. "What were we doing Satsuki? Tell me." "You! That! The thing you're doing with me in the infirmary. He woke up then he just watched when we're kissing." This girl. She said she won't tell me but look. She's too into it at describing. "And then? What did we do when he's watching? What did I do to you?" "Argh. Ruki! You're making me weird. I love Sakuma. Remember that." "Yes yes. I remember. You love him but you're mine." Ah, wait. It's not enough to just read it as just text. I wanna see her reactions and voice. Let's see. Videocall. I tapped the videocall icon before she even replied. It started ringing and in a few seconds, Satsuki's face appeared on the screen. "p*****t. Why did you call?" "I wanna hear your dream from your own mouth Satsuki." "Wait. Not here. I'll go to my room. I saw on the screen that she's currently moving from where she was. She's wearing a blue-coloured sleeveless blouse with her b*a peeking out from the side. I can only see half her body so I don't know what is she wearing below. I guess I have to ask her to show me. "A virtual visit to your room. How nice. When will you invite me there?" "i***t, I can't invite you here. You'll just take advantage of me if I did." Eh? So she's not rejecting the idea of inviting me. The screen now shows the view of her room. It's kinda girly in contrast to how she usually acts. "What if I promised not to take advantage of you? I'll be at your mercy." "Then I'll think about it." "Later?" "What? You can't later. My whole family is here." "Tomorrow?" "i***t. Why do you want to go?" So it might be possible tomorrow. Let's choose our words right. "To be alone with you, of course." "You're really planning of taking advantage of me. Tsk." "I already told you, I'll be at your mercy" "Then tomorrow. I'll use you as a punching bag." "Yes. Vent out that feelings you have to me. Time?" "I certainly will. Prepare yourself Ruki. After lunch. They'll go out and will be back at night." Satsuki. You're the best. I'll make sure it will be memorable for both of us. I'll make you mine inside your own room. Ah. Damn. I'm getting this much excitement already. Satsuki keeps on filling it up. "Then it's a date?" "i***t. What date?" The date I take you as mine? "House date? Or Room date?" "You p*****t. I love Sakuma. I'll tell you the details tomorrow." Ah. This girl is too gullible and I don't regret taking advantage of it. Sakuma. I'm sorry but the girl you like will be mine. I'll be tasting her soon. "I know, what about I invite him too?" "N-no. He'll laugh at me if he sees my room." "Then only two of us for now. So let's go back to that dream of yours." "Y-you p*****t. So that's why you videocalled." "Of course, it's to hear your voice and see your reaction." "Now I wonder if it's the right decision to agree to that secret of us." "It is, aren't we having fun? I miss those lips of yours Satsuki. And your smooth neck." "p*****t. You almost gave me a hickey." "That was my aim from the start. Should I give you one tomorrow?" "Then don't go anymore." "Then you can give me one as well so it will be fair for both us." "You're really unbelievable Ruki. How much do you want me?" "As long as you love Sakuma. I will be this crazy over you." "I won't stop loving him." "Then you now know my answer." "p*****t. It's your fault I dreamt of that. You. You kept on kissing me even when he's watching. No, you even looked at him and invited him to watch. It's you who woke him up." "Then? What did I do next?" "Then you took off my clothes and showed him my body. But you didn't let him touch. You played with my body like you own it." "I now want to really do that." "Shut up. You kept on sucking me, giving me hickeys all over. And your hot big thing. Ahhh, i***t! What are you making me say?!" "You're too sexy just now Satsuki. I want to see more of that expression of yours. If I tell you I'm hard now, will you believe me?" "Of course. You're a p*****t. But, I'm feeling hot down there too. What did you do to me?" "Blame it on me. I made you feel like that Satsuki. We'll do some of that dream of yours tomorrow." "i***t. I'm really blaming you for making me this weird. I'm hanging up." "Wait Satsuki. Tell me what you want us to do tomorrow." "p*****t don't make me say it. Just go tomorrow." "Okay. See you Satsuki." "Don't videocall me again p*****t Ruki." With that, the screen went back to our chatbox. The video call ended. s**t. Just by talking like that made me fill my desire by this much. That girl, she's by far the best catch I have recently. I'm sorry to Kana but it's really different with Satsuki. It's a notch above from what I get from her. Ah. If Akane wakes up and sees me hard, she'll misunderstand and we'll have another round. I better go downstairs, I need to prepare for lunch.
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