Ruki Hub

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I woke up later than usual. When we were in the bath, I got horny again but because Akane's still sore down there, she used her hands and mouth. I told her not to bother because it was just a reaction when I found her too sexy to look at on a clear light but she insisted. Using her still clumsy hands and mouth, she made me c*m after I taught her what to do like how I taught Kana. Even if she's still currently developing, her figure is already too stimulating for me. Add to that her beautiful face. That face that's exclusive for me. This silly girl pushing herself for me. I just have to take care of her from now on, right? "Good morning husband." Akane mutters, looks like she also just woke up. She lifts her face up from my chest. We fell asleep clinging to each other like the night before. Looks like this will now be our setup every night. But waking up at an unfamiliar room or rather at a room you're not used too feels different. We really look like a couple who started living together, add to that this is supposed to be my parents' room. A married couple's room. The ambience it gives is really different from my room. Akane is now wearing a sexy negligee from my mom's closet. Err, I got her some proper nightgown but she insisted on picking that. Telling me that she always wanted to try one. But yeah, my Mom's size is bigger so it comes out as loose. Now I can see her soft hills peeking through it. I nibbled on them too much last night that they look like they're still erect. Ah. I'm getting excited this early in the morning. "Good morning, wife." I reached for her face and gave her a morning kiss. "Oh. Last night really isn't a dream. I'm still a bit sore down there." "Here you go again, you're slowly becoming like my teacher who always indulges in her fantasy. Don't be like her. Everything that happened was real." Ah. Wait. I said unnecessary information. Don't pick it up. Don't pick it up. Don't pick it up. "Huh? Teacher? Fantasy? Husband. Tell me, is she one?" Argh. Why do you have to be so sharp at this moment? Should I tell her she's still dreaming? "Don't ever try to say I'm still dreaming. I already woke up from that kiss of yours, husband." "Err. Yes. She is." Haa. No use lying to her. She knew my desire anyway. "Another new type? Now you're going after a teacher. She's dating someone? Or could it be…" "She's married." "p*****t. My husband is a pervert." I know. You don't have to remind me. "Couldn't help it, wife. My desire immediately kicked in when I saw her wedding ring." "I know. That's uncontrollable. I'm just really curious about what you are doing. Ah. I have something to confess too, husband." Well if she wants to know the details, I could tell her but even if she says anything against me doing things, my decision will still be based on my desire. Ah. Even after all that happened, I'm still a slave to this desire. "You can ask me anything, I'm having you by my side. Even if not forever, probably as long as I live. Whether wife wants to or not. Uhm. What is it? Something to confess?" "i***t husband. I'll only ask if there's something I'm curious about. And don't think about me leaving your side. My love for you will never run out. Remember that." Err. Then that's fine I guess. We won't be together all the time. We're attending different schools. Even if I possess her, I won't ask her to change school. We're already living together. That's enough. Plus it will be harder for me to move if she's there. It's better this way. "I'm keeping things from you. You see…" "What? What is it? Don't cut it in the middle silly girl." "I'm teasing you, husband." "Ah. So you want me to tease you more? Wanna be spoiled again?" "Truthfully yes but I already had enough yesterday, especially last night. I'm satisfied, husband. You knowing how much I love you is enough for me." I think I'm getting used to this fluffy atmosphere around us. It really feels different. Ah. This somehow feels like that time with Kana in the Literature Club, where we just held hands. It's comfortable. Like I'm not burdened by anything. But I know, the truth is far from that. Haa. It's kind of twisted. "You leave me no choice but to spoil you. But before that, continue that thing you want to confess. I'm already at the edge here." "Ah. Right. Spoil me after okay. You can't go back from what you said. Uhm the thing is, there is a group." "Huh? Group? What kind?" "Chat group. Ah. It's better for me to show you, where did I put my phone?" I reached for her phone that I put atop the bedside drawer. "Here." She took it and immediately opened her Messenger app. It might be bad manners to look at her screen but it's visible to my eyes and I can't help but see her Message Requests. It's over 100 and she neither looks nor even taps at it. I see. She's so popular that there's too many who wants to talk to her, to get close to her. Probably most of those are guys. Tsk. Trying to lay their hands on my Akane? Ah. My possessiveness is leaking out. "i***t husband. Just looking at your face I already know what you're thinking." "What? What's in my face?" "You're pissed at thinking others are trying to talk to me. You saw the number of message requests right?" Did it really show in my face? Ah. I'm hopeless. Not only I have this secret desire. Now even my possessiveness to Akane. "Yes. That doesn't matter, I won't let them touch you." "i***t. It's me who will not let them. You don't have to worry about those. I'm yours. Ah, we're getting sidetracked again. Here. This is what I want to confess." She tapped on her screen maybe opening a chat, then she pulled me up to look at it together. What I saw there was something I haven't expected. This girl. Since when did she? "Ruki Hub. What's with this group name?" "Isn't it obvious?" "No. Not really. Tell me. Why is my name included in the name of the group?" "Ah. You're hopeless, husband. Look at the chat history." Err. Let's see. It shows the recent messages. Haruko: Ruki was with me yesterday. (smug emoji) Ria: Huh? Haruko-senpai. How? You're not joking with us, right? Haruko: Want proof? Ria: Yes! On the screen shows a photo of me and Haruko. Inside that soundproofed room. There were angry reacts on it. Ah. That Haruko. She even picked up my camera habit. She filled that room with cameras. Eh? And this Ria. Is she Kusunoki Ria? One of the girls I've stolen. She's a 3rd year middle school now. Eh? Ruki Hub… "Akane. This is…" "As you can see. A group chat consisting of your stolen girls plus me." "So that's how Haruko knew about Yae." "Yes. Yaeko is here too. She stopped chatting after that day though. But she never left the group." "Who else?" "Ah. That's a secret. I can't show you who else is in that group. It's a secret. They knew you'll be mad if they show any liking towards you. They got really scared after that incident with Yaeko." Ah. Right. They still didn't know. "Then. Who created this group?" Akane then scratched her head while muttering 'Ehehe'. Ah yeah, who else could it be? "You…" "There. I've finished my confession." "No, not yet. Why did you create that?" Really why? Whenever I bring one she will nag at me back then. Ria and Haruko knew that, they saw Akane when I first brought them here. "Ah. Why? Because it concerns you." "Huh? I don't understand." "The girls in here, they all like or love you. Even when you cut them off, they still do. Remember what I said last Wednesday?" Ah. That. She said they're bugging her when they found out I ran away to another high school. "Then?" "They're planning to go together to your school next week. Haruko will be their guide. That's because you never respond to them." But I already let them go. I cut them off. Why do they continue chasing after me? "I'm planning to deal with them this weekend. It means today and if not enough, tomorrow. It's bad if they show up there." "Then, husband. Respond to them now. Or do you want my help?" Ah. Akane helping me? Is this okay? But she created that group herself, it means they're all in contact. "How?" "Up to you, husband." "Then. Send a chat now. Anything." "Okay." Akane: Good morning. It wasn't even a minute when someone saw the message. Sena: Akane. Good morning. How's Ruki? Sena… Imai Sena. Another one. She's the same age as us. And the first thing she asked was about me. Akane: He's sleeping here beside me. Sena: Liar. Akane: Fufu. We started living together. Haruko: Huh? What was that about? You? Living together? Ria: Akane-senpai. What did you do? Did Ruki-senpai steal you from someone? Haruko: That can't be. This girl is too devoted to him. Look at this group she made. She did this for him. Akane: I'm special. Ask him if you want to know. Sena: No. I can't believe you. Haruko: Ruki didn't tell me anything yesterday Ah. What is this? They look just like a group of friends sharing a common interest and gossips. But it's about me. What is happening when I'm not looking? Akane: Want proof? She even said the same thing as Haruko. This silly girl. Sena: Yes! Haruko: Yes! Ria: Yes! Aoi: Yes! Otoha: Yes! Eh? What the hell? There's two more who showed up. They're just lurking and now they also join at asking for proof. "Look, husband. They're asking for proof." I have to act along, right? These girls. I wonder what they usually talk about. And how about their boyfriends? Yae and Haruko, I know they don't have but those 4. "Take one then." I lay back down to the bed and pretend to sleep. Akane drew close to me to take a picture with both of us in it. When she posted that picture, those girls ran wild again. Haruko: Unbelievable. Did you manage to learn photoshop? Haruko, really? Can you photoshop that? Sena: Uwaah. My Ruki is sleeping. I miss him. Sena, this girl always call me that. Even if I told her no. Ria: Ruki-senpai is really there. And you both look like you spent the night and did that. Ria, you're really an observant. Aoi: That's unfair Akane. Why are you with him? Ueno Aoi, another from the same age. Err. Of all the girls I saw here, she's the one I didn't expect. Otoha: Ruki-kun... I can't wait to see him next week. Kaneko Otoha, this girl. She's 2nd year high school. Same as Haruko and Yae. But she's somehow like Rindou, she can't be called an introvert but she has trouble talking with people. Akane: Now do you believe me? Aoi: Answer me Akane. Akane: I already said earlier. Look at our bed. Haruko: Huh? That's not his bed. Ria: I saw that bed before. It's in Ruki-senpai's parents' room Sena: Eh? So she's not lying? Aoi: Apparently not. Otoha: Unfair. What did you do Akane? Ria: Did you do it? Akane: Secret. "What's next?" Akane asks me. Waiting for my reaction to what I read. "Well, you can chat with them. Don't tell them I'm aware of the group, they're scared right?" "Yes. But you know, husband. They really do like you. Look they're all concerned. Asking about you. Just that, I don't know about their current relationship. They must have maintained it just to be at your sight. Whether they like them or not, only them knows." "I see. I still don't know what to do with them. There's more right?" "Yes. I won't tell the actual number." "That's enough. Those four. Let them come here today. Ah. Wait. Only pick two from the four." If it ends up going well, there's no doubt we'll have s*x. I might be too exhausted for four plus Akane. "Four? They're five here." "Exclude Haruko, you saw it right?" "Yes. You were with her." "Yeah I saw her at one of the clubs I'm trying out, she planned for me to be there." "Your desire kicked in for her again?" "Yes. She got more lovers now. And they're all girls." "Ah. I didn't know that. She didn't tell me which school she's attending. Only when they're planning to see you did she reveal it." "She has a little harem in our school. That girl." "Don't tell me…" "Yes. Wife, my desire is kicking in for all of her lovers but I only met two. For now." "I see." "Is my wife jealous?" "Of course not. I just can't believe Haruko. Yaeko ended like that but she…" "Don't mind it. If Yae wants to talk to me again, then maybe. But unless she can ignite my desire. I'm afraid it will end up the same." "You're right. Husband, what if you finally learn to love. Will you start loving them too?" "Still don't know how that works, wife. Maybe, maybe not. You're my teacher about love, right?" "Eh. I guess you will be. Just looking at how caring you are. You just don't notice it." Err. What are you thinking silly girl? I still don't know if I will be able to learn. Will my possessiveness for her turn to love? Or will it stay the same? What about my desire? Will it change shape? Honestly, that's something I can't think of yet. Better look forward and deal with things as I see fit like Haruko said. And yeah, I'll try to be responsible for my actions, like Mom said. I guess. Yae. If she still feels the same, I'll give her another chance. "Don't think too far ahead wife. For now, you're the only one special. Isn't that a good thing?" "Uhm. I guess you're right. Spoil me again husband. "Yes yes. Did you pick who will come?" "Aoi and Ria. Is that fine?" "Why Aoi?" "Ah right. You're probably wondering why she's here too. That girl, she can't be honest. She likes you but when you cut her off, she got too angry that she said the opposite thing she wanted to say to you." Ah. What did she say before? "I hate you. I'm happy that you finally let me go. I don't want to see you again!" "Wife, how did you know about that?" "She looked for me that day and told me that." Ah. This is becoming too complicated. Let's see then. "I see. Then let them come later at after lunch. We'll have to reorganize this room and your things as well." "Yes, husband." Akane snuggles to me and acts like she wants to be spoiled. This girl. Well, I did tell her I'll spoil her. Ah. I also forgot to check my phone last night. I have a lot to do again. Haa.
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