Shimizu Akane (2) *

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Due to her legs spread out, it became easier for me to do what I wanted. From her clit down to her hole, my fingers stimulated both. Her moans started growing in volume but it's too sexy to hear that it even made me more encouraged. Just pulling down my underwear a bit, my c**k, like a caged animal, escaped and surprised Akane that she had to stop to look at it. Forgetting what she was doing, she grabbed it and started stroking it up and down which made it even more erect. It was already tired from doing that 3 rounds with Haruko but now, it became this energized again. I can't wait for it to stick it inside her. I'm getting more excited now. This will be the first time that I will have s*x without the influence of my desire. Add to that, It's with Akane, this special silly girl. "H-how is it this big? And this will enter me?" "Yes. Don't worry. It'll fit." I climbed on top of her then after completely taking off my underwear, I let my c**k rest on top of her p***y. Putting my arms at the back of her knees, I dragged it upwards turning her lower body into M shape. "H-husband. We'll really do it?" "Yes, look at me. I'm already this hard for my wife." Her eyes went down to it and saw me rubbing my fully erect c**k on her p***y. Her love nectar already lubricated it that it's sliding easily now. "Uuu.. so that's the hot thing I'm feeling. It does feel good, husband." I reached for a pillow then have her raise her butt a bit to settle it there. This way, it will be easier for me to enter. Unlike with Kana who was scared and I had to assure her I'm keeping her safe, Akane is ready for it, I can see from her eyes the determination to become one with me. This lovely girl. "Kiss me. I want to make sure I'm not dreaming right now." "This is real, silly girl. I'll be making you mine. You can't back out now. Even if you do, I'll still chase you and put you by my side." "I won't back out. Never. Make me yours, husband." Our lips once again met and a passionate kiss ensued. Her arms circled at the back of my head, lifting her body up. My c**k continues sliding, stimulating her entrance. "I'll start now, wife. I'm putting it in. I will make you mine." "Just do it. I'm waiting for this for years. I love you." Obeying her voice, I pulled back a bit to aim the tip to her entrance. She's still clinging onto me, watching how I readjust my c**k and push the tip into her p***y. With just the head inside, Akane's face constricted a bit but she held in the desire to cry from pain. This isn't the most painful part yet. If I could, I don't want her to feel the pain but this is necessary. Only once can a girl lose her hymen. I put Akane down the bed to make her comfortable. She can't keep clinging or it will be hard for her. "H-husband, I can feel you entering me." "It's just the head for now. It will hurt more." "I don't care. Don't hesitate now. Put it all inside me." "Yes. Akane. Wife, from now on, you're mine. Only mine." Putting my arm at her sides as support, my hips pushed forward, thrusting my c**k that was stalled at her entrance. Just a little bit from her entrance, I could feel that thin film covering her deepest part. Putting in more force, I once again pushed my hips forward, instantly tearing the hymen apart as my c**k continues its descent until it couldn't go any deeper. Blood started to stain the pillow beneath her. Finally, my c**k is completely inside her. The pleasure of taking her virginity spread from my c**k to my whole body. The way her insides constrict my c**k is truly a pleasurable experience. It's squeezing me hard unconsciously. Akane tried to bite her lips to prevent her from crying out from the pain but it failed. Her hands tried to push me away but that was all for nought. "Ouch! Ouch! It hurts! It hurts a lot! Ruki!" "Shush. It's over now. I'm inside you." "B-but it still hurts. I can feel it. Your c**k inside me." Tears formed from the corner of her eyes but Akane managed to hold it in. Her hands then went below her navel where my c**k is bulging from inside her. I leaned down, kissing her once more. Her arms embrace me and her legs spread even wider. She's making it easy for me. When I saw her face devoid of pain and regain its usual colour that was as red as an apple due to her l**t, I started moving my hips, pulling it out slowly and then pushing it again. We started having our very first s*x. With me on top of her, my c**k started grinding her insides, slowly to let her insides get accustomed to my c**k. Akane's moans of pleasure once again escape her mouth. This silly girl is feeling it now. She's mine. Sounds of meat hitting meat rang out together with her moans. "Haahh... Haau... We're having s*x. Ruki. Husband. I'm yours now. Haauhh." "Yes. I won't let you go again." From a simple thrusting, I started to increase the speed that the bed we're on starts to build our rhythm. In and out. Deep and shallow. My c**k continued to grind Akane's p***y. Before long, I also started to feel pleasure. It stimulated my c**k to do her better. Reach her deepest spots to imprint myself in it. "Aaahh. I'm feeling it now. Huaaa. It feels good. Husband. I'm happy." While sucking on her n*****s, I continue to f**k Akane focusing all my attention to pleasure her. And in turn, it also brings me the pleasure of having her. Sounds of moans continue to ring out. As the pace gradually increased of me f*****g Akane and so the number of moans that leak out from her. At every thrust of my c**k, her insides tried to fight by squeezing it but it always escapes before going back in again letting us both feel the pleasure of s*x. Her legs that were spread open circled behind me like telling me to do it deeper. I heeded her and increased the pace faster. My c**k kept on plunging deep inside her while her p***y kept on squeezing me out. The pain she felt from the tearing of hymen is now replaced by extreme pleasures. Her face is too erotic now. When I felt her p***y constrict further, I know that is already the sign of her impending c****x. She then once again cling onto me, chasing my lips to hold herself back from climaxing before me. I responded and kiss her intimately before I start f*****g her harder. Just the pleasure of her squeezing already made me close to cumming. Add to that the excitement I'm feeling from finally owning her made it feel much better. The semen that was building up finally hit the critical point. I put her down the bed and hug her tight as my hips continued its downward thrust. She responded to it by clinging onto me tightly with both of her arms and legs. "Haaauuhh… Husband. Something's coming… Aahhhn. I'm cumming." "Akane. Me too. I'm cumming. I'm cumming inside you." "Yes. Uuuhhh. Give it to me. Impregnate me. Aahhhh." Hearing those. I can't hold on any further and so is she. Along with the last thrust of my hips, we both c****x together. All my semen sprayed inside her, filling every corner of it. Imprinting it as mine while her p***y squeezed my c**k tight as her love nectar gushed out of her. After that c****x, I fell on top of her with my c**k still inside her, panting for breath. She welcomes me with a kiss and we once again get absorbed by each other. "I love you. I'm yours now." "Yes. You're mine Akane." After I'm sure that everything was poured inside her, I pulled out my c**k from her. Akane watches on as my semen dripped out of her. "What will happen if I get pregnant?" "Silly girl, you're still young, we can think of that after our wedding." Ah. Maybe the wedding will really happen now. This possessiveness of mine towards her is this strong. I won't let her get away from me. "But I want your child." "I know. After the wedding, wife." "Yes. Our wedding." Akane smiles happily. The pained expression from earlier couldn't be seen now. "How are you? Does it hurt? Let's take a bath first." "No husband. Let's sleep like this. Uhm I don't think I can stand." Ah. Right. There's no way that wouldn't hurt. Kana can barely walk last Wednesday and that's even me trying hard not to make it too painful for her. "Sorry. I f****d you hard. Do you want me to carry you? We should at least clean that and put this pillow and bedsheet to laundry." Yeah. They're both stained with her virgin blood and the semen that dripped out of her. It's unhygienic to just sleep like this. This won't be like the short nap me and Kana had, I'm tired now that I am sure to wake up in the morning if I ever fall asleep now. "p*****t. I wanted it too. You really made me feel how much you want me. Then carry me like a princess, husband." Akane wanted to be spoiled again. This girl. After all that spoiling I gave her. Well, I guess this is still fine. I'll still carry her anyway, making her happy too is a plus. "My wife is sexy, how can I not want you? Come here then my princess." "You're teasing me again. But I don't care. I'm too happy right now that I thought I was still dreaming." Carrying her like a princess, I stood up from the bed. Since we're alone here, it doesn't matter if we go there n***d. Akane's body is a bit light so it doesn't matter if I carry her every time. But I won't tell her or she might always ask me to carry her like this. This girl is too spoiled. "How many times do I have to tell you? This is real Akane. Your mine now, and we'll be living together from now on. This is our room. Only ours." "Yes. I don't care now if you bring more girls. That desire of yours can't be stopped easily, but when we're alone like this, don't think about anyone else. I'm yours. Don't let me forget that. Either way, I won't forget since I love you too much but you also have to do your part." Right. I have to always remind her that she's mine. We'll be living together now, that mark will be her reminder but I will also dote on her whenever we're alone. Ah. What the hell? I'm thinking of spoiling her on my own volition. Well, I will also be focusing on more girls from now on. It's good that she understands, I know she's just saying that for the sake of assuring me. This girl loves me too much, there's no way she won't be hurt if I bring more girls. I'll have to act I don't notice it and just spoil her instead. If we're alone all my focus will be on her. Err I tend to drift away though so that wasn't my fault. I'll try my hardest. Since the tub wasn't prepared, we opted to just shower using warm water. I put her down first to get the pillow and bedsheet. Ah. Our uniforms too and I have to change the bedsheet for us to sleep on. And our clothes that were thrown out of the bed before I forget. What else? Ah. Akane needs new clothes, her pajamas were wrinkled now. My mom's then. Hope it will fit her. But yeah, that's unlikely. Anyway, she'll just use it for tonight anyway. Sexy nightgown it is. Eh? Wait. Isn't this just the same as when I bring girls home? Ah. Well, Akane will be living here now, so this will gradually change, for now let's not think too much. My wife is waiting. Wife eh? Will I really marry her? Though I want to possess her, I still feel bad if she marries someone who doesn't love her. Ah. I won't let her go anyway, why am I thinking about this? There's still a lot of time. Will I gradually change this possessiveness to love? But if I did, it will change the secret desire too. I might learn to love the girls I stole as well. Ah. That complicated emotion called love is too troublesome. "What happened to you? You just went up and now you had that frown on your face. What are you thinking?" Akane inquired when I went back to the bath. It really did show to my face. "Nothing. I just thought love is such a troublesome emotion." Akane laughs at my response. "i***t husband. You can't understand love if you just think about it. Don't worry, I'll let you feel it from me. My love for you, I'll pour it all to let you understand." This girl. She's right. Why am I trying to think too hard about an emotion I don't understand? Such an i***t.
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