Shimizu Akane (1) *

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"What do you think?" "Uhm. I like it. This will be our room, right?" The master's bedroom. My parents' room. Well, this is mostly unused since they hardly ever come home. And every time I brought a girl home, I will use my mother's clothes for them to use for the night. This room is bigger than mine and so is the bed. We can roll around here and we won't fall. My Mom told me to differentiate, Akane is special. I want to possess her. The other girls, I don't know yet but I got them due to my desire. I stole them. And I will be stealing more from now on. They will also be mine even if their heart isn't. The difference is, I might stop wanting them if they suddenly fall for me that they forget those who they originally like. As long as they have someone else they like, even if they fall for me too, it doesn't matter. My desire will kick in that will led me to steal them away for myself. It became this complicated after my interpretation of it changed. But maybe I'm still interpreting this wrong. I'll just have to think again. Will I really just abandon them if they fall for me? I still don't know. Maybe I can clear some of these thoughts when I meet those from my middle school tomorrow. I shouldn't stall for time anymore. But for Akane, whether she loves me or not, I want her. It's a good thing that she loves me or else, like she said, it will really be a sad thing for her or for me too. I'll do anything to get her. To have her be mine. No matter the method, I wouldn't care. "Yes. You're special. It's not right for you to be in my room where I always bring them." "Then I'm happy. Don't let anyone in. This is ours!" Akane then jumps on the bed, jumping on it like a child testing the spring of the huge bed. This silly girl. I closed the door and moved next to the bed. Akane is still playing on it. When she felt tired she laid her body down. She then looked at me and gestured me to climb up and lay there next to her. "I'm gonna check my phone first Akane." I have to check on things. Kana, Satsuki and Shio too. I wonder what happened about Otsuka-senpai, did Kana succeed? I won't have to use that picture I've taken, right? For Satsuki, I have to check-in. To remind her she's mine now. I won't let her forget. She can love Sakuma for all I care but she's mine. And for Shio, I don't know what happened to her. When I saw her earlier on that car, she looks a bit sad. And the guy looks furious. I want to ask her what happened and in turn, reaffirm her how serious I am at stealing her. Maybe there will be a new message request too, like from Mori. Or maybe Kanzaki will have prepared a date for what she's asking me. Ahh. There's so much to do. And tomorrow, like I planned, I'll start dealing with those girls from my previous middle school after we finish settling down Akane's things. Haruko told me to just look forward, so yeah. I still don't know how should I deal with them. Maybe I can only think of something when I meet them. "Don't be too long Ruki. This is our night." She pouts and turns her body away. This girl. Ah. I guess she's right. This is our night together. I shouldn't let my mind wander about. I climbed up and lay next to her. Her back that was facing me looked small, all those years when I neglected her while satisfying my desire, how did this small back carried all that and still stay this strong in front of me? "I changed my mind. I'll check it later or tomorrow." My arm slipped from her upturned side as my body closed in on her. She let it rest on her tummy and put her hand over it. "We're like a married couple having a rough night." Akane giggles cutely. Yeah, sorry. You fell in love with a guy like me. My desire was the only one moving me forward before so I always tend to wander my mind to things that concern it. "I'm going to spoil you tonight. What do you want me to do?" "Oh? What's this? Are you trying to appease me?" Let's tease her and spoil her grandly that she would think she already had enough. This much I need to show her. "Yes, wife. Don't be cold to your husband now." "Y-you! What did you just call me?" Her head immediately turns around. "Wife? What's wrong?" "Auuu. i***t! Calling me your wife. I'm not happy!" Then she turns it back and covers her face with the blanket. Err. Yes, you are, look at your smile. Do you think I didn't see that? This girl is too cute to tease. It was just last Wednesday when Kana said that we looked like a married couple and I rejected it at the spot. Now I'm here trying to appease this silly girl who said the same words. I guess a lot has happened already. From Yae to Satsuki to Haruko and to our parents. For only two days, Akane became this special to me. I might disappoint her when I start working on satisfying my desire again but it's fine, I know I won't regret that. But if it's her time, I'll give it my all to satisfy her, just like how I focused on every girl I bring here, Akane will have it much better. "My wife doesn't want me to call her 'wife'? What should I do? Will I have to sleep outside?" "Argh. Okay, I lose. Ruki, don't leave me here." She turned around and embraced me. "Ruki? My wife is still upset." "No, h-husband. Don't leave me." "You seem reluctant. I thought this would make my wife happy." "i***t. I'm happy. Stop teasing me now, husband, my cheeks will be ripped by my smile" I pull the blanket away from her and see that smile she's talking about. This girl. "Ah. My wife's too cute. It makes me want you more." Yes. I'm feeling it. This is not my secret desire but I'm feeling this much excitement, I'm getting hard for her. "W-what you and Dad talked about earlier. What was that?" "You know it. Don't play dumb. We'll do it tonight. I'll make my wife mine completely. Let's just say, I'm going to steal your heart, mind and body." "Even my heart?" "You've already given that to me without me asking for it. It's a waste to let it go cold. I'll take it in and cherish it, wife." "You smooth-talker. I'm yours, husband, make me completely yours. Tomorrow, I'll start teaching you about love and make you fall for me." This is our first night err second if we include last night. I don't even think that I will come to a realization that I will look at this girl as someone special. I always thought she's just there taking the childhood friend role in my own story. Even if it's just my possessiveness for now, she said she'll teach me everything about love. That Kenji who's dating Kana is known to be possessive but yeah I guess it's just mild that Kana can contain him like that. Unlike mine, I will do anything just to let this girl stay by my side. Akane's mine "Yes. Teach me. But tonight, it's me who'll teach you." "Pervert." "I'm hard because of you. And it's not my desire talking." "Mega pervert." "Wife can feel it if you want" "Super mega pervert." This girl. I really want her. Once again, I took Akane's lips to a kiss. A long and passionate kiss. She's trembling in my arms. Afraid of what will about to happen. But her eyes that is currently looking at me, it speaks how happy she is. She's conveying through it that the years of waiting finally paid off. I made her wait. I'm gonna make up for it. "I love you husband. Finally. I will not just look on whenever you bring a new girl. Finally. I can also experience what they had experienced with you." "Yes. Sorry to make you wait. Your husband is this dumb that it took a long time to realize that someone special to me is just next door." My kiss moved down to her neck, sucking at it hard. I'm going to leave my mark here. She's mine. "N-no husband, don't leave a mark there. They will bug me with a lot of questions, put it somewhere obscure." "Then here." I unbuttoned her pajamas, revealing her collarbone and beneath it, her yellow laced b*a that holds her soft hills. Sucking hard at her collarbone, I didn't leave it until a red mark was imprinted. "B-bad husband. If I'm not careful those girls will still see this." "It's weekend wife, that will fade out soon. But yeah, I'll suck on it again when it's about to fade out." "You really want to leave your mark. " "Of course, you're mine now, wife." I went back to her lips, her tongue was waiting and immediately enter mine, sucking it out with my tongue, l*****g each other. I continue unbuttoning her pajamas Undressing her, leaving her with only her underwear. Akane does the same to me, undressing me down to my underwear. "H-husband." "What is it, wife?" "T-turn me into a woman. Your woman." "I didn't know my wife can be this naughty." "Auuu. Stop teasing me." My hands started wandering around her body, from her back down to her butt, from her navel up to her breasts that were still hiding behind her b*a. "I didn't know my wife is this sexy. Your skin is so smooth." "Uuu.. your hands is exploring my body." "I won't stop at just exploring." "P-pervert." My hand that was on her butt slipped inside her panties and cupped her still developing butt. It didn't have a perfect form yet but still soft enough to touch directly. The other went to her back, unhooked her b*a and took it off her, exposing her unexplored upper region. Her n***d breasts are also in the process of developing. It's only B cup for now but firm enough to take form. Akane reddened fiercely that she couldn't say anything but watch me. First giving her another kiss on her lips for assurance, my tongue then travelled down from it, traversing her neck, down to her collarbone where my mark is and finally ended its journey on top of one of her soft hills. "Uuhh…" Subdued moan started escaping from her mouth when my tongue landed on her n****e. It's not erect yet but on the way to that. My tongue and hand started teasing her n*****s, the former pokes the tip while the latter flick its target. More moans leak out that she unconsciously embrace my head, clutching my hair. I have to give her proper stimulation to make this memorable for her. After wetting it with my tongue, her previously untouched n****e entered my mouth, I started sucking on it like it's a precious candy. The other one that was waiting for its turn was pinched and massaged by my hand on it. My hand that was on her butt started kneading it like it's a dough, shaping it to something I wanted. It then travelled down further from its c***k, starting the journey to her most sacred place. "Aahh. Husband, it's tingling. You're like a baby now." "I'll be your baby if you wanted, help this grow bigger." "Y-you like it bigger? Right, that girl last Wednesday is certainly big even with her small frame." "Oh? Are you jealous, wife? You don't have to worry about that. This is much better since I can shape this to my own liking." "Y-you're really a p*****t. I can feel your hard thing down there." "It's already screaming 'I want you' but I have to prepare you first." "L-let me touch it." "Go on." Her hand then reached to my underwear, she put it on top of my bulge. I can feel her hands shaking as it started touching my c**k over the cloth. Watching her do her best encouraged me to do better. I started sucking harder on her n*****s, now alternating between the two making them both erect. It's standing up proudly that it ignited more of my desire to own her. This is mine, she's mine. Yes. This is really possessiveness I have for her. My other hand successfully reached her sacred place, the hair there isn't lush yet but this is good too. Using two of my fingers, it traced down to her slit and the first stop was her c******s. This sensitive part of her. A simple touch made her whole body twitch which made her accidentally grip my c**k. "Uuu... That part and this big thing…" "You could be more assertive, wife." I whispered on her ears. I went back at gobbling her n*****s and continue touching her clit, stimulating it further. Every move I did make her body shake from pleasure. Soon enough, she became wet enough that her panties became too drenched. My hand pulled her panties off her, opening up her legs. She tried to close it by putting it together but I prevent it and instead widen it further giving me easy access to her p***y. "Y-you're bullying me husband" "Shush. You can do the same to mine." I went back up to her face and kissed her lips again. She looks at me and nods. She starts pulling down my underwear while she resists moaning from my preemptive strike on her most sacred place.
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