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"I didn't know they would be listening. It's kind of scary." Akane snuggles to me after changing to her pajamas. Ever since we got out of their house she almost never wants to leave my side. We're now in the living room, watching some late-night anime on the TV. It's a harem full of fan-service with a dense and indecisive bastard as the protagonist. It's like seeing Ogawa animated. Why are we watching this again? "Well, we're both surprised. They all know about it. I thought I was keeping it a secret at least." "You're kind of a blockhead Ruki, with the number of girls you brought home, who wouldn't notice?" Akane lifts my arm and circles it to her shoulder. This girl. She really wants to be spoiled by me. "Right. I'm an i***t, neglecting and forgetting how special you are to me." "But you realized it now right? That's enough. I'm glad I didn't give up like Yaeko." Yes. I'm glad you also went out of your way to come here that night and barged in like this is your house. "Yes. You're mine now Akane. I won't hand you to anyone else." "Yes. Spoil me more. I love this. Will you tell me now?" "Right. I'll tell you. But, will you not get mad?" She probably will. But, I don't know, I don't think I should really care about it since she knew all along what I am doing. It's our parents' words that are nagging on me right now. "Why will I?" "Err. It happened during my time with a target." "Uhm. Let me think." "Okay. Just tell me if you're done thinking." "I'm done thinking. I want a kiss first, show me how you want me from that. Then I will hear about what you realized even if it concerns another one of your targets." Err. This girl. We only had 3 kisses to date and each of it just involved our lips. I guess I'll give her something she will remember. "Are you sure? It will be different this time." "I want that. I'll take everything you give me. Show me that you're serious at wanting me." She looks up at me, her eyes shining with eagerness. Her apple-red lips hang there, waiting for me to take it. "I want you. I wouldn't say that if I'm not serious." "Then show me." Urged by her, I lifted her chin and plant my lips on hers. Her eyes that were staring closely at me never closed, taking in my face as it drew closer to her. From one kiss to five, I sucked on her luscious lips that were trembling a bit. Maybe she's steeling herself, thinking this won't happen again. Hoping this isn't a dream. I'll make her know how I really want her. This is different than that desire of mine. This only manifested for her. When I think of her, some form of excitement rush to me that's different than it. I really want to know what this is. I touched her face, feeling it with my hands, this is mine, she is mine. My lips that were ravishing hers, sucked in harder that her lips are now turning to a deeper red colour. My tongue that is behaving started moving, from my mouth it moved out to lick her lips, licked every corner of it, remembering its taste and its shape. Akane's arms embrace me tight, sticking her body further. I can now hear her heartbeat that is currently beating fast like it's on a race. Her lips now start to respond to me, it avenges itself by sucking my tongue in hers. I let my tongue be suck by her, giving me a free pass to seek her own tongue. Her grip momentarily tightens when she felt my tongue moving inside her mouth, and when it found her tongue, she reflexively pulls it back. Not allowing my tongue to catch it. This girl. She's truly inexperienced. She thought she can escape from me? Well, let's show her more. I want to savour this girl, this special girl for me. The thought of my targets temporarily disappeared from my mind, it now only focused on this silly girl in my arms. I pushed my tongue further and caught her tongue that retreated. The two met and entwined with each other. Just like that, our kiss turned from a normal one to an intimate one. I held her head, not letting it move back to escape. Before long, all her resistance melt away. Her tongue starts its contest with my tongue, sometimes it's the one sucking but because of her inexperience, I dominated the arena. Our saliva mixed together and amidst the sounds of sucking, we continue on to fill our longing for each other. When I released her, Akane was in a daze that she won't let her eyes leave my face, her tongue that lost to mine was left hanging there with our saliva coating it. Only when her breathing stabilized did she got out of that state. Her red face turned redder to the realization that we just had our first intimate kiss. "Yes, I felt it. Your intent to make me be yours." Akane mutters burying her face back to my chest. "Satisfied now?" "Y-yes. You can tell it to me now." Akane's face is still there at my chest maybe she's embarrassed to have it be seen by me. I wonder what's the face she's making now. I started stroking her hair slowly, brushing it with my fingers. "How should I start? Ah. The girl I am targetting, she likes the guy since their 6th grade." "Uhm, I love you for as long as I remembered." Yes. Since our families are close, ever since our birth, we're almost always together. But yeah, even with that, I never once thought of her as a sister or anything close to a family. Maybe I love her too, otherwise, we wouldn't stick to each other all those times. But when my desire manifested, the feeling or recognizing that feeling of love disappeared. "That girl had this foul mouth. She's totally in love with the guy but she can't resolve herself to confess instead she always insults him like that's how she conveys her affection to him." "Sounds like a complicated girl. And you even go after that kind. There are no criteria apart from them liking or loving someone else and being beautiful or attractive enough for you, right?" Err. True, that's the only thing I look for a target. No matter how complicated they may be. Satsuki is the first of her kind from my stolen girls. That deep love she had for Sakuma. It's admirable but I'm trampling on it. Yes. This is how I really am. "You're almost the same you know, except your show of affection. That's why I woke up to that realization." "Now that you say it, we really seem alike. I never stopped loving you even when I found out that secret desire of yours when you first brought a girl here." Ah. Akane confronted me back then, asking me if I love that girl. Now that I think about it. That girl disappeared as well after that year. She's like Haruko and Yae, already 3rd year when I stole them. She's the one who I lost my virginity from. She ran away. Or just don't want to show herself to me anymore. That's how I changed her life. For better or worse. I don't even regret it. "Yes. That's why when I started coercing this new target. Ah. She's my classmate and desk neighbour by the way" "That's new Ruki. You never target someone that close to you every day before." Ah. Right. I tried not to stand out before so I never touch anyone near me. But now, I am standing out since day 3 that even those from Class 3 know me by name now. "Yes. I couldn't help it when I found out they like each other. So I tried to facilitate them to make them a couple and steal the girl in the process." "You're bad. Bad desk neighbour." Akane softly hit my chest. I don't feel it strange to share this to her. Is it because she's the only girl that's not a girl stolen because of my desire? "I know. So then, when I am in the process of stepping up my hold to her. That realization happened. "Finally we're at the most important part." Err. You keep getting me sidetracked. This girl. "The guy passed out, both of us brought him to the infirmary. After that, I tried to coax her into being mine while she watches the guy she always likes sleep." "That's a situation that fills up your desire, right?" She looks up at me. Her face is now back to its normal colour. I couldn't help but kiss her again. Bringing it back to red. She then hit my chest again like she's protesting at what I did albeit cutely. "Yes. It did fill up my desire a lot. But then it happened. The girl, she's still looking at the guy. She started thinking that she's doing something wrong. Something that betrays the guy she loves." "Don't just kiss me like that. I just recovered from our intimate kiss, now I'm red again. What happened next?" I might have taken a liking to tease this girl. She's acting this cute. I'm afraid it might grow to a habit. "I'll kiss you whenever. You don't want it? Ah. Right, we're at the critical point of this story. Just listen closely silly girl. This is where I realized you are special to me." "I want! I want more of your kiss!" I gave her another kiss to shut her up, another intimate kiss. I told her I won't spoil her and now here I am spoiling her. Haa. Well, Haruko got spoiled earlier too. I guess this is fine. "You see, I told her to blame everything on me. Everything that we will be doing. That way she wouldn't think about her betraying the guy she loves deeply. When she accepted. The worry in her eyes vanished. She decided to blame everything to me. And that's when it hits me. Can you guess what it is?" She stopped for a minute, seemingly deep in thought. "Her blaming you for everything. It means, she'll still love the guy the same. Even when you two are doing more than just a kiss, she'll just blame you and keep her unwavering love towards him…" Tears suddenly flooded Akane's eyes. I used my fingers to stop it from staining her beautiful face. She guessed it right and she understood where I'm coming from. "Yes. That will be our setup. You could say at that point, I've already stolen her. It even fills my desire more than what I've gotten from others." "Ruki. You thought that might also happen to me. That I will be caught by someone like you, force me to blame everything to him and keep my love for you. That's why…" Her tears never stopped and she just clings tightly to me. This girl. Why are you crying? Even I didn't cry when I realized it. It gave me that headache though. "Yes. That's why. I want to keep you by my side. I don't want to give you to anyone else. You're mine. You're so special to me that if you disappeared, I will never be fixed." "i***t. Then keep me by your side. I won't let anyone approach me. You're the only one for me. I might not look like it but I learned self-defence. There's too many who's trying to approach me even back in middle school so I asked Mom. You don't have to worry about that. I will only be yours." This girl. Why are you trying to comfort me? But I'm glad. Seeing you like this, you're really too silly. Devoting yourself to me. I have to take great care of you from now on. "Yes. You're mine Akane. I won't let anyone touch you. Teach me everything about love and this unknown feeling I have for you right now." "You're right. You asked me to teach you about that. But even for me, it's hard to interpret that. If that's love, you would've already shelved that desire of yours or at least tone it down." True. If I love like how she loves me, I would probably be devoted solely to her. Plus there are different stages of love. And this unknown feeling is probably not one of it. "This feeling of wanting you to be mine only. It could be an exact opposite of love that you're giving me. Is this fine? I wonder." "You said you want me to be yours only. You recognized me as yours so you don't want to hand me to anyone else. While I love you no matter what you are or what you're doing. It doesn't even matter to me if you really build a harem like your mother said." Err. Did you hear about that? Harem. Haa. Haruko has her own harem and probably Ogawa too but he's unaware. But for me? They're just girls who I stole and if it's back then, I'll just cut them off if I grew bored or they did something unforgivable to the me back then. Even when I cut off the others, most of them are still there, chasing me back. Mom and Haruko gave me that kind of talk. Mom said to be responsible while Haruko said to look forward and deal with it as I see fit. What should I do? And this unknown feeling I have for Akane. It's slowly turning into shape. "I see. I understand a bit now Akane. This is not love, it's some form of possessiveness. And possessiveness is like the exact opposite of love. If, and only if you feel different than how you are feeling right now for me, I wouldn't care about that and still want to have you by my side even if it's against your will." "Hmm. Your words are quite right. You want me to be by your side. You don't want to give me to someone else. That's really some form of possessiveness. I'm glad that I deeply love you and it never changes no matter the things that have gone through, otherwise it will be sad for the both of us." Yes. She's right. If she doesn't love me and I realized this thought, I will forcibly get her, just for her to be mine. It won't even matter if she loves someone else or not, I will get her regardless. Ah. I think I became more hopeless than I thought. "Don't make that face Ruki. I love you. And that's why it doesn't matter if it's just possessiveness for now. You wanting me is enough. And the purpose of teaching you love became much better. Not only will it cure you of your possessiveness, but it might also probably affect that desire of yours too." Akane then pulls me in an embrace. This time it's me who's burying my face to her chest. Her fingers start stroking my hair with intimate care, doting at me like a child. This feeling isn't that bad. I never thought I would want to be doted on like this. "Stay with me always Akane." "Yes. I will never leave your side. I love you." We then fell in silence with only the low volume of TV filling in every corner of the room. The two of us continue to embrace each other, feeling the comfort the other brings. Possessiveness eh? Tonight, I'll make her mine, completely.
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