Otoha's Status

1330 Words

“Ruki… I heard you’re worried.” Using a slightly teasing tone, Otoha focused the camera on her. Although she’s not wearing her thinly applied makeup, her natural face was still too gorgeous to look at. Add to that, her glossy lips and a slight tint of red shrouding her face increased her charm points. From just how much I was longing for her, I already had the urge to kiss the screen. But that’s embarrassing, isn’t it? I’ll be with her soon… Gonna have to endure for now. Akane, Mizuki, Hiyori and Aika couldn’t be seen on the screen. They’re being considerate, most likely. As for Hitomi, she’s silently sitting behind Otoha. At the moment they’re inside her room, sitting around a rather classy low table. It’s exquisitely carved from some type of expensive wood. As for how expensive, I h

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