Guidance for the boy?

1289 Words

“Welcome home, Ruki!” Nao greeted me right at our front door. Like yesterday, she was wearing an apron again. There’s a little difference though. Her cheeks and nose were slightly smeared by whipped cream, evident by the dispenser she’s clutching on her hand. Obviously, she’s making a dessert for us. With her stay here, it’s also a chance for her to have more freedom on practicing her skills for it. Just that… because Akane isn’t home yet, this girl dropped what she’s doing and quickly ran out from the kitchen to greet me upon hearing the front door opening that was followed by my voice, announcing my return from school. Now that I think about it, ever since the day I asked Akane to live with me, this was the first time in a while that I arrived first from school. Although she’s not alw

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