Aya and Edel

1249 Words

Soon after saying that, I released my hold on her and left the room while only saying, ‘See you later, senpai.’ I don’t know how she will interpret what I said but considering that gesture I did as well as the words I uttered earlier, it’s obvious. Thinking about it, she failed miserably at what she aimed to do by showing up… Perhaps she would come to regret everything that happened later. Well, I’d be far away from her by then and if ever she told Arisa-senpai what happened, I would no doubt tell the truth. I first left the Club Building to get my bag in our classroom, my next Cleaning Duty would be on Friday so I had no obligation to stay. Kanzaki, as the Class President, was always reshuffling all 30 of us every Monday. If yesterday there’s Nami and Hina, today, I saw Aya holding a

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