Urge to Tease

1709 Words

Upon seeing the girl froze in place, I waited for her to recover while observing her.   Although I always see her in class, this should be the first time I got close enough to observe every little detail about her.   When it comes to Imada, what’s easily noticeable was her dimples due to how she was constantly smiling. Every time one would look at her, more often than not, there’s a smile on her face.   Apart from that, her green eyes were always shining in excitement. It’s different from how Otsuka-senpai’s eyes glittered in excitement from her extreme curiosity. It’s more like the girl was the most cheerful girl in class or even in school.   No wonder that Mentor of hers ran off when given a chance. She couldn’t match up with her relentless energy.   Her shoulder-length black h

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