Chance Grab

1661 Words

What kind of answer was that? This girl. Did she lie to me about being interested in Ogawa or is she like Hina who ended up liking both of us? I don't know. If I base it on my observation of her from the few minutes we were interacting today, that didn't seem the case. If I could relate her to someone, then it would be Otsuka-senpai and her curiosity. Looking at the glossy lips of hers, I admit that despite me having the thoughts of stopping and ending this act, I was already tempted enough to take it. Did she perhaps get drawn in by this situation I created? Or was she someone who would just go with the flow? Either way, I didn't have that much interaction with her. There's also a possibility that this girl developed a crush on me. If that's the case then I guess that's understandab

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