Carry Me

1697 Words

"Is… is it over?" Saki blinked a few times when she felt my lips were no longer covering hers. It's just a normal kiss so… I could see why she seemed a bit unsatisfied with it. Normally, a first kiss would only be like that. The couple needed to progress more into their relationship before they could take another step like prolonging the kiss by doing some minute movements like sucking each other's lips or locking them firmly so that it would be hard for them to breathe. Well, this was the third time she asked me this question. For her to still be unsatisfied after three kisses, this girl most likely wanted a more passionate kiss. However, for now, let us cut it short for her. "It is. Do you want more?" "… Yes. It's too short." "Well then, I'll step it up for you but this will be th

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