3. Fan Girling over a Prince

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“Are we going to move ahead or what?” Harold called out Celeste, shaking his hand in front of her face and snapping her out of her lostness.She looked over Harold’s shoulder and saw Jin waving his hand at her in complete nuisance, shaking her out of her thoughts and making her realize that she was standing in front of the Prince of England and she was supposed to be his host but seeing him had made her lose all her senses. She noticed the line of men waiting behind the Prince, who were a group of his friends waiting to get inside. She then turned back to look at Poly, who had a muddled expression covering her face, urging Celeste to gain control of the situation. She shook her head and gained her confidence back and immediately bowed down her head to her guests. “Welcome to Brighton Nights! I am Celeste John, I will be your host of the night and at your service.” With that she took a step back and extended her hand ahead, “Please follow me, if you may.” With that she lifted her head and walked ahead, making everyone else follow him, Jin sighed in relief that Celeste didn’t mess up, the way he had begun suspecting her to and soon she opened the doors to the VIP booths and allowed her guest to get inside, where they were simply amazed by the fact that the dancers were already present and ready to give them a good show. “This is already impressive!” one of the men, stepped ahead and patted Harold’s shoulder, sitting on the bench and that circled around the poles where the dancers were slowly moving to the rhythmic music. “I can already know that I am going to have a great time!” Harold shook her head, laughing and siting down to his friend, “Relax Tim! You know Isabella had already told me to not to cross any limits, so let’s just stay here for a while and then I am going to leave.” “Leave already?” Tim chimed in excitement, pretending to be disappointed by Harold’s maneuver and gesturing at Poly to bring and pour him the champagne and she immediately stepped ahead, keeping down the tray and popping open the champagne, beginning to serve her guests. “I am going to have a great time!” Tim laughed and drank his glass down in one sip and Poly knew that she would need help with more glasses. Other guests gathered around the next VIP booth where the other waitress was serving drinks. Celeste walked back to guide the bartenders to prepare the drinks the best they could and then she ordered the attenders to stand by the booths in case the guests ordered special drinks. Jin walked up towards the first floor and called Celeste out. “Is everything under control?” “It perfectly is!” “What was that? Why did you black out there for a moment?” he asked her, concerned whether or not she would be able to handle the situation. “I was amazed to see the Prince standing in front of me but now I am totally calm and composed. You can leave to go to Rose if you want to, she needs you!” Celeste reminded Jin, who shook his head. “No! I need to be here for you. It is your first time hosting any event at the club and I know how hard Rose has trained you for this and if I leave you alone, she is definitely going to kill me.” Celeste shook her head, “She is having your kid, you should go!” Jin shook his head back, refusing to leave, “I will leave when I have to and besides, Rose’s contractions haven’t even reached the three hours gap! We have a lot of time on our hands. Let’s finish this event and then go to the hospital.” Celeste nodded back and smiled, determined to make the night theirs. Edward was pacing back and forth inside his office, wanting to get out and overlook the entire situation but at the same time, he wanted to establish an image of his club whereby he didn’t want to look too available in front of the Prince and wanted to determine and establish the fact that his club was already one of the top tier ones in the city and hence, they needed the entertainment that he was providing while forming a very firm image of himself. He found his situation disturbing and felt impatient to see if the entire event was taking place smoothly or not. Harold sat back in his booth, texting his brother over the phone, while Tim looked ahead at the strippers dancing in front of him, wanting to get his hands on one of them but Stella was very keen and made sure that no one touched or did anything to her girls without their permission or consent and she knew that most of the girls only loved dancing without being touched or pushed to do anything further. As Poly poured Tim another glass of champagne, he scanned the poor waitress head to toe, finding her slightly chubby figure and her short height not much to his taste. “Ugh! Couldn’t they have given us a hotter waitress? What about the one that we saw outside? Who is she?” Tim complained, grabbing the glass pretty rudely from underneath the bottle where Poly was pouring him the drink. She was slightly startled by his arrogant manner but decided to maintain her poise and looked at Tim, to answer his question. “She is the hostess of this party tonight.” “Then she should be here... she should be at the Prince’s service.” He told Poly, who only bowed down in respect, trying her best to not to punch the man in his face and simply walked towards the door to call Celeste but Harold stopped her, finding Tim’s behavior to be extremely annoying. “Drop it dude!” he warned Tim and gestured at Poly to stay back inside their booth and she simply obligated to his orders. Tim’s eyes were focused on the petite dancer, who was dancing in a skimpy beaded two piece in front of him, having her n*****s barely covered with the dress, that ignited a sense of fire and horniness inside Tim’s nerves, who was determine to get the girl to not just dance but do a lot more for him. While the man in honor of whom, the party was thrown, sat back dialing a number on his phone and holding the phone to his ear. The call went through right after the second ring and he immediately complained over his phone. “Where the hell are you, Charlie? You told me that you would already be here before I would come and you are still not here!” The man on the other side of the phone, only laughed out gently, “I just parked my car in the parking lot and I will be there soon, don’t worry. Is Tim acting out again? didn’t you stop him front snorting another line of powder?” Harold only sighed in exhaustion, “I think he did that even before we met.” “Or maybe for lunch he snorted up some lines?” Charlie mocked out his brother’s drug addicted friend’s unhealthy behavior, making Harold only grunt in exhaustion. “Just come here as soon as you can.” With that Harold kept his phone aside and Charlie got out of his car, wearing a crisp blue suit, as he walked the entire length of the parking lot and towards the door of the club, where everyone standing in the line for the club was simply stunned to find out the Prince of Whales, walking towards the club, taking out their phone and snapping his pictures, while he only remained unbothered, trying to keep up a polite face in front of the bouncers, who immediately moved aside and let him get in. Many people envied him, given to the fact that they had been waiting in line for the past several hours and just because of his privilege but no one dared to step ahead and question his authority. Walking inside the club, every single eye turned in to his direction, as the rotating disco lights fell on his face, revealing the deep contours and cuts on his well grafted face, making his straight Greek nose stand out, shining brightly underneath the white club lights, with his sharp jawline defining peak sharpness of his features. He turned his soft green eyes around, to locate the stairway towards the upper floors, the sharp blue orbs trying their best to detect the wide stairways, whilst the women inside the club screamed out loud, jumping up in joy and clapping their hands together in order to cheer for the handsome guy that had just entered inside the club. They walked towards the ramp that was kept empty for the VIPs but a row of guards and bouncers held them back, holding their hands together and forming a human chain. Many women took out their phones, snapping the striking man’s pictures and holding out each other’s hand for moral support so that they wouldn’t faint right away by the beauty in front of their eyes. Charlie only shook his head at them, laughing out at the very familiar reaction that he always got from the ladies around him. He decided to do what he always did best in order to make the girl cheer for him even louder. Finding out the stairway to the top floor, he jumped on it and took a few steps ahead, turning around only to have a better view of the feminine crowd behind and beneath him, who wanted to break away from the human chain but the guards grunted in pain, applying their full force to keep the bulldozing women away from attacking the prince. “Prince Charlie... please marry me.” one of the women in the crowd shouted. “Please, I will have your babies.” Another one shouted. “Please choke me and f**k me...” screamed another one. Charlie only laughed at their nuisance and waved his hand at them, combing his fingers through his hair and winking at the crowd, blowing a sweet kiss in to their direction, that made the entire crowd of woman gasp out loud and go weak on their knees, with many of the girls, fainting right at the spot and others jumping up in the air, trying their best to catch Charlie’s kiss; some of them kissing their closed fist and some holding it up against their chests. All the men inside the club only felt disgusted and annoyed by the extreme and peak fan girl behavior exhibited by the women inside the club, with Jeremy being one of those men, feeling envious and obviously jealous of Charlie, who had girls swooning over him. He stood back by the bar, with his arms crossed against his chest and poking his tongue out at Charlie and going back to making drinks, which was his crucial job at the moment and he had to engulf his anger against Charlie, that he held due to some obvious personal reasons. On the other hand, Celeste was going back and forth over the entire first floor, going between the different booths and back at the bar, making sure that everything was exceptionally well and up to the mark that would define Brighton Night’s reputation as one of the top tier clubs in the London and would definitely satisfy the guests, in making a rapport with the owner of the club that Celeste felt was invisibly breathing on to her neck and even though he was inside his office, Celeste could feel that the man was mentally mocking and ordering her to do her best and Celeste definitely didn’t want to disappoint him in any condition. As Celeste rushed back and forth between the VIP booths, checking on the VIPs and running back to check on the supply of the bar, Charlie made his way up the stairs, all the while throwing kisses at the women, who cheered for him downstairs and yelled at him to gain his attention. Celeste on the other hand, was looking behind her, guiding the servers to keep their drinks up to the brim so that they can serve any given moment. Just as he reached the top of the stairway, Charlie turned to step ahead, Celeste turned around only to be bumped right to a hard rock chest. Charlie felt a strong blow on to his chest, that made him lose his balance and fall down over back, holding out his hand to help him stand up but all he grabbed was a meek waist that also couldn’t hold the impact of the crash that the two experienced and Charlie fell over his back, with Celeste falling right over him. Celeste’s eyes went wide as she noticed the man that she bumped in to and was laying on top of, whilst Charlies only smirked in a gruesome manner, looking at the beautiful woman, that was resting on top of his body. “Well, hello! I didn’t know that fan girls could be that strong.” He stated and Celeste immediately pushed her body away from Charlie, trying to get up from over Charlie but Charlie held his hands intact and strong over Celeste’s waist, looking keenly at her facial features. He tried to keenly read in to her hazel orbs, wondering if he had ever seen those eyes before, as they gave him a sense of nostalgia. “Do I know you?” he asked, keeping his hands on her waist intact and unmoved. “Your Highness...” Celeste gently whispered, wanting to get rid of his touch and stand right away but his question caught her off guard, “I...” She didn’t know how to respond to him. Never in her wildest dream had she ever thought that he would want remember her face or even her name but seeing him pop that question shook up Celeste’s soul entirely. Charlie didn’t move his hand even the slightest as he kept looking in to Celeste’s light brown eyes, that seemed to be a perfect whirlwind of a honeycomb, that made him felt swirled and lost in them, while Celeste was lost looking in to Charlie’s green orbs, that made him feel entirely lost and wrapped in to them. She felt shivers running down her entire body with her heart skipping beats as she felt Charlie’s eyes studying her entire face, trying to make a sense of familiarity out of her. As she was looking right at Charlie’s face and contemplating that whether it was possible for Charlie to even remember her name or not, Edward’s loud voice boomed throughout the entire VIP section, attaining everyone’s attention and making even Harold pop out of his private booth, to find his brother lying on the floor with their hostess, resting on top of his body. “Celeste John!” --------------------------------------                                                I know many people will get blown away that the interaction between the main characters have come in so quickly as it usually come in quite late in my stories but as I previously stated, this book of mine is quite different than the rest and it is going to be quite intriguing and fascinating even for me to write. I hope you guys enjoy this book! Thank you for always reading and supporting my work <3 
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